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No one can stop

her free silver wings,

dazzling like

brilliant pieces

of broken glass,

No one can stop

her to fly above

all trees, looking

ahead, with

her breath

taken away.

No one can stop

her wavy hair

be blown by the wind

so nigh -

her body to tremble

from cold -

her lips -

from fire.

Every time silently


birds looked

at her as to an angel,

No one can stop her


over the trees

over the mountain

No one can see her


braking herself

down in pieces

She had just

nightmares -

many black hands

striving to her

But no one

could touch her

while flying,

She stopped on

the highest temple

she felt refreshed

and tired,

Her silver eyes

gazing around

flashing like stars

the whole town.

He saw her falling so

slowly softly


like a light feather

of dove,

He saw her with

the eyes of a dream

and never woke up...

(November 2010)

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