Chapter 56

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I wake up to Seth's head in between my thighs and two of his fingers curling inside me.

I blink down at him, my mouth falling open but no sound coming out and he sends me a wink. With just a few flicks of his tongue across my clit my orgasm hits hard and fast. I lose my breath in my half asleep state, gasping.

Wow, he is way to good at that.

His lips kiss a path up my body until their pressed against mine, morning breath be damned. I push him off of me to his back so I can straddle him.

"You sure? This will probably hurt a little." He warns but I ignore his words as I grab his dick and line my body up with his.

"Ohhh." I moan as it feels like he just gets unimaginably deeper the further I go down, the sensation is almost never ending.

He was right, there is a pinch of pain but I ignore it when I see the look on his face. His brown eyes are dark with lust, his eyelids drooping.

"If it's too much we can stop." He says, pushing a strand of hair away from my face.

I shake my head. "No, it's my turn to be in control."

His longs fingers glide up my waist until they gently squeeze my breasts. He gives me a smirk as he pinches my nipple and I gasp. I grab his hands and push them down to the bed until I box him in with my arms and my nose grazes his.

"You aren't a very good listener." I whisper, my lips brushing his.

He bites my bottom lip. "You don't think I can take control with you on top babe?"

I narrow my eyes at him and cry out when his hips roll up making me take his dick to the hilt.


He flashes me a triumphant smile showing off his dimples and I clench around him. He digs his heels into the bed and shifts his hips up repeatedly until I'm bouncing uncontrollably on him. As soon as my grip on his hands loosen he grabs my waist and fucks me faster.

"Seth!" I moan.

His biceps and abs flex with each thrust, it's like a show just for me.

"Who's in control Babe?" He growls, hands tightening on my hips.

"You." I pant, my head falling back.

His finger finds my clit and I'm done.

"Ohhhh!" I cry out and fall forward against him.

"I love the feeling of you cumming around my cock." He groans in my ear and I shiver.

I love his dirty mouth.

Seth flips us so he's on top, his fingers trace my jaw and he pulls me into a slow passionate kiss. His hips resume their thrusts but at a much slower rate than before.

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