Chapter 15-chipotle

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A few days later
Jacks POV
Zach's out of the hospital now. I'm so glad he's okay. Charlie was sent to Juvie for years for attempted murder and Eben is as well but only for a year because he didn't commit the crime and didn't plan on that happening. Today we are getting some Chipotle to celebrate Zach coming out of the hospital even though we have Chipotle all the time. "CHIPOTLE, HERE WE COME!!" Zach yells jumping. We all laugh and go to pick up Christina and Gabbie. In the car Jonah is driving, Dani is in the passenger seat, Me, Zach, and Gabbie in the middle and Corbina in the back. The ride wasn't too long because the hospital isn't too far away from any of the places we are going to. We arrive at Chipotle and Zach jumps out of the car exited. "YAY" he yells. He quickly runs to the door and flings it open. "Immmm backkkk" He says to the workers. Everyone that works here already knows us because we come here so often. "Welcome back guys!" One of the employees greet us back. We order our things and I could tell Zach was happy to finally get out of the hospital. He was smiling all day and that me smile even more. He was also probably pretty relieved that Charlie and Eben are in Juvie now. I'm just glad that we are all happy, safe, and alive.
Zach's POV
I'm so glad that I'm finally out of the hospital. I know it was only a few days but that place was so boring. It was all white in the room and the only things entertaining me were the boys and the news channel on the tv. I didn't have my phone because it broke sadly so I'm gonna get a new one in a couple days. I got some amazing tacos at Chipotle. I look over at Jonah and he's already finished his. How the hell does he do it? It's been only like 30 seconds. "How did you do that?" I ask. "Do what?" Jonah responds. "Finish your burrito in 30 seconds" I say. He just shrugs, smiles and pulls his phone out and starts playing some games.  I finish my tacos in a couple minutes. I'm still super hungry because I've been living off of water and vending machine snacks for the pass few days so while Jack isn't looking I grab his taco and take a bite. I quickly start to talk to Jonah so Jack doesn't think it's me.
Jack looks at his taco and sees the bite and looks at me.
"Seriously Zach" he says.
I turn away from talking to Jonah and look at him, "what?" I say acting like I'm confused. He turns back and starts talking to Daniel. I decide to grab his taco again and take another bite. This time I run away into the bathroom. I go into the 2nd stall and lock it. I sit on the toilet and can't help but giggle at myself. I hear the door open and I immediately shut up. The person walks into the stall next to me. I sit there uncomfortable crouching on the toilet. I hear the toilet flush and the stall open. I sigh silently in relief. The person washes there hands and I hear the door shut. I step down from the toilet and open my stall.

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