|Arc 1| Chapter Eleven.

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"Hm, say Natsu, with the look Your giving me it looks like your about to rape me." Says Lucy, grabbing her toothbrush so she could brush her teeth since it was morning.

"Hm, I should've done so last night." Says Natsu, his arms sneaking up around her.

"Get away!" She says trying to push out of his grasp playfully. "No way!" Says Natsu as he begins to tickle her.

Lucy was laughing her ass off, all until they both heard a scream.

"You hear that right?" Asks Lucy And Natsu nods, them both standing.

"Sounds like it's coming from the children." Says Lucy as she follows Natsu out the door to where all their children were sleeping.

Before that...

Luke and Grace had slept as far as they could away from each other. Both wanted nothing more than to be in each other's embrace, but both didn't know that they liked each other. Yet.

"Luke, are you still up?" Asks Grace's hushed Voice.

"Yeah...I am." He says. "You can't sleep?" He Asks. Grace turns towards him. "Yeah...I can't. I'm not used to sleeping with an hot boy," but Grace immediately covers her mouth afterwards.

"I-I'm sorry i-"

"Its okay, I'm not used to sleeping with pretty girls either. Nash is a different story since she's my sister." Says Luke causing both to laugh.

"Y'know Luke...h-How am I supposed to say this..." she trails off, her cheeks becoming aflame.

Is she going to say it...? Luke thinks to himself.

"You know Grace, I have a crush on you!" Says Luke immediately. "A-actually I think I like you! You don't have to return my feelings but I had to get this-"

"No...I-I like you too." She Says.

"You do?"

"I do," She answers, and Luke's face heats red. Grace smiles. "Goodnight Luke," She Says scooting closer to him and kissing his cheek.


"Night Grace..." Luke mumbles wrapping an arm around the girl that was so closed to him.

That morning...

When Grace woke up, she kicked Luke out her bed and screamed, only to quickly cover her mouth afterwards.

Last night wasn't a dream! She Cheers, but stops once someone's knocking at the door.

"What did he do? Touch you wrong?" Asks Nova sleepily.

"If he did I'll kill him...especially since I heard you guys conversation last night." Says Nashi and Grace blushes. "We all did..." Adds Rosemary.

"Oh, I think dads at the door." Says Gale.

"Don't open-"

"What? I can't hear you." Says Gale as he opens the door. Grace glares at her brother but only before her dad comes into the room, along with Natsu, Lucy, and Levy.

"Grace sweetie, why were you yelling?" Asks Levy, going to her daughter immediately.

"Yeah and Why was He in your bed last night, along with you texting me that foolishness."

"I-it was a prank! We were playing truth or dare! Same for Luke! We played truth or dare and Nash dared us to sleep in the same bed and...and we did! But we didn't do anything! I promise!" Says Grace.

"You better not have..." trials off Gajeel and Levy sighs at her husband.

"How about you kids get ready, we have a long day ahead of us, and we should be heading to our destination soon." Says Natsu, as all the grownups walk out.

"I'm gonna kill you Gale!" Says Grace, about to jump on him when Reiki stopped her.

"Kill him later, you heard Uncle Natsu, lets get ready."

"Why're you acting so mature?" Questions Rosemary to her brother.

"Shut it,"

After everyone got ready, they headed above the boat for breakfast, where all their parents were already seated.

"So, are you and Luke going out?" Nashi questions her best friend. "What?" She Asks. "Are to an item? Together?"

"I...I don't know." She answers truthfully.

"Well then you two should talk. You both like each other, it's logical that you two will go out."

"Hm...and when will you tell Storm your feelings?" Asks Grace.

Nashi blushes. "I-I don't know...probably never. We're not like you and Luke, we haven't known each other for forever. We just met...plus..." she looks over to Storm, who was busy wooing Scarlet. "He's a playboy." She adds.

"Hm...you helped me and Luke...I'll whip something up."

"I'll help!" Adds Nova. "You were listening?" Both girls question.

"Uh huh. And I'm gonna help get you and Storm together. You guys seem cute...like fire and ice." Says Nova, leaving Nashi confused.

"Also, you should go talk to Luke. Right...now!" Says Nova, pushing Grace

Grace prepares herself for a fall but it never happens. "You okay?" Asks Luke, who was inches away from her face.

"Y-yeah." She answers as she helps her stand.

"Can we talk?" They both say at once.

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That picture of Luke and Grace is so cute!
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