Confession Hallway

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Avoiding your mate is like signing yourself up for a life in hell. Most don't attempt it. Few are desperate enough to try it. None of them succeed.

The young omega huddled against his locker, pretending to be searching for something as a group of alphas passed by. A few betas next to him squealed, ducking their heads together. Werewolves like that were the reason he ducked. It was easier to be mistaken for a shy fanboy than called out for staring.

Park Jimin didn't want any attention.

"Go!" one of the betas hissed, "Now's your chance!"

Jimin perked up, curious, and withdrew his books, slowly closing the locker door. A young woman, a beta, jogged after the small four-person group, holding something close to her chest. Jimin's heart sank, and he turned away. He'd seen the same scene so many times, but his heart still hurt for the poor girl.

He quickly moved in the other direction, but he wasn't fast enough. The hall went dead silent, and he froze, turning with the other students. He hated this. He hated watching it. But he had to stay hidden. He couldn't be seen ignoring them.

Someone would put two and two together.

"I'm sorry," Kim Namjoon said softly, eyes on the letter in his hand. "I... I'm still waiting for my mate."

The beta nodded quickly, biting her lip and scuffing her shoe on the ground. "I kinda expected that... But.. uh, if you could still read it...?"

Namjoon seemed to consider it. Then he pressed the envelope against his chest, smiling and looking down at his feet. "I'm honored. Of course I'll read it." 

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