Meet the Alpha of the Aplhas, Jake de Rothschild Quirino...

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Guys, Jake de Rothschild Quirino. Drop dead gorgeous. Certified hunk. Blue Blood. And a ruthless panty ripper. hahaha!

This will be written by Miss Sharon Rose. Be sure to follow her.


His lineage was impressive. The grand son of a former Philippine President and a de Rothschild heir. He had everything a man could ever ask for - money, power, respect, nobility and even a budding love life. He seemed invincible. Until an ugly controversy rocked his family and ripped everything that he had. Suddenly, he was ridiculed, his noble name lost its glitz, his family was torn to pieces, and the love of his life turned against him.

In his pursuit to find an outlet to his life's frustrations, he founded Alpha Sigma Rho and recruited only the best of the best college broods in UP Diliman. His intention was to create a one of a kind brotherhood that would accept every member irregardless of their impurities. It had been his coping mechanism to survive the tragedy that left him stripped of his usual splendor.

He maintained a low profile and shunned away from the press. He loathed paps like his mortal enemies. The last shutterbug who dared stuck his nose in his bloody ass was beaten black and blue. He became a reclusive billionaire who camps in his huge Gothic estate in the beautiful mountain of Bukidnon. There, he lived like an ordinary folk, but in reality, he was the real deal, the best among the best, the brain that governs Alpha Sigma Rho. Heck, he even controls the World Bank! He was a de Rothschild for crying out loud! 

He had no plans coming out to the limelight once more and resurrect some already dead as a dodo ghosts from his past, but his peaceful life was hit by a super storm when Philippines won its 3rd Miss Universe crown via the gorgeous and exotic Filipina-Arabian stunner - Beatrice Lastimosa, who suddenly rose to fame upon cinching the most coveted Diamond Nexus Crown. She became everyone's sweetheart, including the press.

He knew that he should avoid her, that she should just be a part of his past, and that he should not covet her. Their tandem was just a disaster waiting to ruin their lives, and they would be again the talk of the paps, the tabloids and the gossip-mongers. He vowed not to walk on that path ever again.

But she was his Waterloo, a long time love that he couldn't forget no matter how he tried to lure himself in the company of hot women. Beatrice was back, and she was more beautiful than ever. Suddenly, his heart betrayed his will and became woozy fuzzy once more. 

Should he just stay in the shadow and watch her in secret when rich, powerful men from all over the world showed admiration to her? He tried hard to stay put, but when a hot royal professed love and marriage to her via the national television, he lost his cool. He found himself pursuing the woman he hated and loved at the same time. It was a risk, but a risk he was willing to take.

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