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Meet the hottest director in the filmmaking world - the sinfully gorgeous Kjell de Lara-Haraldson! You'll start stalking his films once you get to know him. He'll direct your wildest fantasy and take you in for a rough ride of a lifetime! Watch out for him in The Mark Of A Stallion Series. Soon from Timeless Bestsellers!

This will be the masterpiece of Akned Mars, be sure to follow her.


Kjell (Ki-yel) de Lara-Haraldson is a half Filipino, half Swedish filmmaker who is not only well known for his high quality films but also as the hottest director who have ever worked behind the camera. He had once been scouted to enter Hollywood for his drop dead looks and ripped, six foot bod, but he ditched the offer. He doesn't want the camera to be rolling for him, he wants to be the one who will roll the films, so he was stuck at what he does best - filmmaking. A conceited, hard–headed, perfectionist bastard, he wants everything perfect. He will never settle for anything less especially when it comes to his work of art. And his hardwork starts to pay off. He just won the “Prix de la mise en scène” award in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. He was the second Filipino to win the award next to Brillante Mendoza. 

Isa siya sa pinakamagaling na filmmaker sa mundo. In fact, even Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese and many others rave about his works. His latest flick, a masterpiece, is an outstanding neo-noir, action, crime, thriller film inspired from the notorious fraternity in the country, the Alpha Sigma Rho, the enclave of highly successful, young men who have became the movers and shakers in the Asian stock market. And he belongs to the pack. He, too, bears The Mark Of A Stallion. HOT. ALPHA. DOMINANT. BILLIONAIRE.

He is living his dreams and settling down was never in his list. Marriage will just ruin his career and he doesn't want a nagging wife whenever he comes home late. Maririndi lamang siya at isa pa ay hindi siya ang tipo ng tao na mahilig magpaliwanag ng mga ginagawa niya. At hindi rin mahaba ang kanyang pasensiya pagdating sa mga walang kuwentang bagay. So yeah, he's basically not the marrying type. And besides, he doesn't believe in love and ever after. Only foolish people believe in those things and he surely ain't one.

But as it was the heart of the family, marriage was the most important common tradition in Scandinavia. A wedding was hence the main transition not only for the couple but also for the families involved. Marriage was a legal contract with implications for, among many other things, inheritance and property relations, while the wedding itself was just the formalization of a deal in which the families promised to help each other.

He knows everything about the crazy Norse rituals and traditions and doesn't give a fuck. Simula nang tumakbo siya mula sa poder ng ama sa Sweden at hinanap ang actress na ina sa Pilipinas, wala na siyang pakialam pa sa mga makalumang paniniwala ng kanyang ama tungkol sa pag-aasawa at pagkakaroon ng pamilya. Masaya na siya sa Pilipinas at nagagawa niya ang lahat ng kanyang gusto. Malayong-malayo iyon sa buhay niya noon sa Sweden kung saan halos ay kontrolado ng bilyonaryong ama ang bawat kilos niya. So when his father told him about an impending wedding where he's the groom, he went berserk. He hated his father more than ever for putting him in this kind of sick business. And he wants out before it will ever begin. 

But when he met his bride-to-be, Astrid Lindström, he was suddenly torn. He wasn't expecting that she would be his wife, of all people! Astrid Lindstrom, who wouldn't know her? She was the most bankable actress in the Philippines today, the queen of romantic flicks and holds a staggering box office records. Kilala niya ang babae at nakita na niya itong umarte. And he can say that she's really good in her craft. Hindi siya madaling humanga sa mga artista but Astrid is really one of a kind - sweet, candid and very professional. But there's one thing in her that endeared the public the most. She vowed not to have sex before marriage. 

Definitely, she wasn't his type, for he only wants casual hookups while she demands marriage. Uh, uh, that's a big NO to him, but he wouldn't deny that he's smitten by her sheer beauty. Blessed with golden locks, a face of an angel, tantalizing dark, blue eyes that reminds him of the deep ocean, luscious lips like cherry and a body to die for, Astrid is every man's dream girl. Their paths once crossed, and she rejected him flat in the face. No other woman had ever done that to him but Astrid. He was used to women piling at his bed, waiting for their turns, but she wasn't interested a bit.

Astrid was off limits to him before, but she could be his now. Only if he will agree to his father's plans. If that’s the case, then, maybe he could compromise.

Name: Kjell (ki-yell) de Lara-Haraldson

Title: Luring His Golden Desire

Author: Akned Mars

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