8| Snakes and Ladders

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I went to your house

Like I did every Saturday

And brought with some games

That I thought we could play


Dungeons and Dragons,

Snakes and Ladders

We'd create our own versions

Imagination's what matters


Climbing a ladder

When I rolled a simple five

Made me jump up in joy

I didn't expect to survive


It was now your turn

The end was near for you

You could win with a four

Or lose with a two


A mighty snake could

Swallow you whole

The fate of the game

Was relying on your roll


Alas you rolled a one

A lonely number indeed

Now it was my turn

A six was all I need


A six was victory

A four was defeat

Cross the finish line

Or become snake meat


But before I could roll

The dice in my hand

You yawned in boredom

I couldn't understand


Were the Snakes not real?

The Ladders our glory?

It was just a simple yawn

But a big part of our story


Something had changed

This wasn't enough anymore

So I finished the game

Our dice rolled a four


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