Chapter 2

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A man at his early sixties sat down at his office, his eyes were fixed at the TV as he watched horse racing. He holds the ticket he bet on, anxiety takes a toll on him as he watches with clear focus. The man wore a black suit, he had black hair and mustache, his eyes are dark brown, next to him was his walking cane.

The horse he bet on was leading the race, it look like the horse had it under control. The race was near the finish line, the horse started to loss momentum as the other horses passed to the finish line. The man rips the ticket into pieces, as his bet came number five in the standings.

"Damn, you horse!" He roared as he took out his gun and shot at his TV. A tall man with a scar on his cheek came into the office in the hurry with his gun.

"Boss, what's wrong?"

"I lost my damn money in this horse! Damn it."

The tall man put his gun on the holster.

"Trigger, you get me a new TV. By the way, has Luke returned from the job?"

Trigger walks toward his boss, he was Morgan right hand man. His boss, Morgan Van Staden, a former property developer. He runs a contract killing business. Morgan is a ruthless man, he only put himself first above anyone else. His business lately has been experiencing financial problems, it main contributor  was his gambling addiction. He would spend money of the business on gambling; leaving his employees frustrated at him.

"No." Trigger replied.

"I hope he doesn't fuck his up for me. We can't afford anymore of his screw ups." Morgan says, he stood up and walked with his cane.

The door opened, Luke entered the office.

"Speaking of the devil." Trigger commented, as he looks at Luke.

"You don't knock! You just enter like it you house you fool. Go back and knock." Morgan scowled.

"My bad." Luke's voice is remorseful. He walk outside and closes the door, he knock again.


Luke enters the office, he looks intimidated by Morgan.

"And I hope you have good news for me this time around. I can't have you mess up my plan." Morgan sat on top of the table.

"Yes, Timothy Clark is history. He didn't make it."

Morgan smiled as he hears the news.

"This is the best news of today. Wow, you really impressed me, Luke." Morgan clapped his hands.

Luke smiles.

"Well done, Luke." Trigger said.

"My client will be happy about this news." Morgan states, as he walked towards Luke.

"Boss, I know lately I've been not doing my best. But I can assure you that I'm not gonna disappoint you again." Luke said, his voice full of remorse.

"Luke my boy, you know the sayings go out in style and you my boy will go out in style today."  Morgan said, as he walks around Luke.

"Boss, I promise I will never disappoint you again. I killed Timothy Clark like you asked. I beg you." Luke pleaded.

"I'm sorry, I can't have liabilities like you anymore. I can't take any chances on you." Morgan took out his gun and aimed it at Luke. 

"I..." Luke said.

Morgan shot him on the chest, Luke fell on the floor. Morgan moved closer to Luke, who was bleeding, he looked at him with a cold expression.

"Goodbye, my boy. " Morgan said, as he shot him again.


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