Chapter 19

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"Thea what the fuck" Xavier gasped his whole body stiff and his fists clenched shut

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"Thea what the fuck" Xavier gasped his whole body stiff and his fists clenched shut.

"What" I stilled averting my attention from his frame. Shit was it that obvious.

"I've been standing here for twenty minutes in the fucking scorching heat and when I texted you, you said you were done getting ready" he huffed crossing his arms adorably. "My hands are all sweaty and my top is stuck to my fucking chest" he pulled at his shirt. Trust me boy I know. His top was practically clinging to him like second skin and it took everything in me to not drool.

Standing a good distance away from him i released a sigh of relief.
"Sorry" I smiled sheepishly.

"Are you going to get in the car or not" he raised his perfect eyebrow in question.

"Oh yeah" I said looking down as I got into the car.

As soon as Xavier sat in the front seat I twisted my body away from his and looked out the window avoiding his scorching gaze at all costs.
"My sister's so excited to finally meet you she was practically screaming when she found out that I was bringing you" he laughed.

"I can't wait to meet her either" I smiled warmly.

Xavier reversed the car out of the drive way but every so often he'd look my way.
"You ok Thea your quieter than usual" Xavier asked switching the air conditioning on.

"Yeah I'm fine" I titled my head towards him with a reassuring smile but little did I know that was a one of the biggest mistakes i was dumb enough to make. The soft air blew my hair away from my face. My hands instinctively went to turn off the air conditioning but my sweater sleeve rid up revelling the ringlets of colour swamping my skin.
Xavier's eyes immediately snapped to my cheek down to my wrist then to my slit eyebrow. His eyes lit up with horror and the car came to an immediate halt.

"What the fuck is that" he seethed.

"Nothing" I pulled the sleeve down.

"Not again Thea" he gripped his hair in irritation.
"How many fucking times do I have to tell you that I'm here for you get it through your thick skull" he said.
"Do you not trust me enough to tell me" he said softly reaching out to touch the side of my face.

"Xavier your going through quite enough right now my problems shouldn't be added on to that" I said looking away from him.

Xavier forced me to look at him as he stared at me deeply through those hazel eyes of his.
"Doesn't matter if I've got other things that are important Thea your equally as important and pretty soon your problems are gonna be mine. For gods sake we're getting married in like a fucking week" he sighed his jaw twitching with anger.

"I'm alright Xavier" I touched his knuckles gently.

"That's not the fucking point Thea you can't deal with that any longer look at you he's causing you so much fucking pain" he examined my face as his eyes flashed with rage.

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