Chapter 1-Here We Go Again

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Chapter 1

Here We Go Again

Wynters’ POV

I wince as my shoulder slams into the lockers and I crumble to the ground. Groaning I grab my throbbing shoulder and watch as the jocks walk away laughing while kicking my books across the busy hall. The other kids just ignore this and step over them since it’s an everyday thing so they lost interest a long time ago.

When the hall clears I quickly gather my scatters books and hurry my way to class. I make sure to keep my eyes down as I walk into math. I share this class with all the jocks and they enjoy tripping me. Walking down the rows of seat I step over three feet when they stick out and sit in my chair all the way in the back corner.

The teacher walks in just before the tardy bells and immediately starts talking. I zone out and doodle on my notebook cover. Maybe after high school I can get into a good college and study to become a veterinarian. Animals are so cute and I love them way more than people.

Suddenly the bell rings causing me to jump. I look up and see everyone rushing out the door since it’s the last class for the day. Not wanting to run into Anthony and his goons I slowly pack away my things to give them time to leave.

“I don’t have all day Mr. Wolfe.” A tired voice says from the front.

I blush and quickly finish. “I'm sorry Mr. Valdez.”

“Whatever just hurry up.” He says while standing next to the door.

I swing my bag over my shoulder and grab my text books before speed walking out the class. Like usual he completely ignores the black eye and split lip I have. Nobody here cares and I actually think they enjoy seeing me all beat up. That’s okay though because I know it is my fault.

I walk to my locker and smile when I see the empty hall. Standing on my tippy toes I struggle to get my Anatomy book. Why must I be so short?! If only I can be like 5’10 I’d be happy. Nope I have to be suck at 5’3 and weigh no more than 100 pounds.

With a sigh I drop my bag and books to the floor. I jump up and snatch my book with the tips of my fingers. As I hit the ground I stumble forward and smack face first into my shelf. I groan and cup my now bleeding nose as snickers erupt behind me. Fear instantly spikes in my body. Here we go again.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t the fairy.” Anthony says with a taunting smirk.

I whimper and look around to see nobody, not that they would help. “Please I have to get home.”

The next thing I know I have three large jocks on me. I scream as the drag me into the bathroom down the hall. All I can feel is pain as they rain kicks and punches on my body. I can taste the blood filling my mouth and dripping from my nose.

After what seems like forever the beating stops and I'm left on the ground curled in a tight ball. When the bathroom door slams shut I painfully get up. My blood is splattered around the floor but I know by tomorrow no evidence will be found as the janitor will clean it without batting an eye.

Limping my way to the sink I don’t bother looking in the mirror. I splash water on my face gently and clean off with some paper towels. Clutching my sore ribs I make my way out the bloody bathroom and slowly pick up my forgotten books.

Looking at the clock on the wall I feel my face pale. I'm so fudging late! Forgetting about the pain in my body I quickly grab my things and book it out the school. I sprint as fast as I can towards my house as fear eats away at me. I'm in so much trouble I know it!

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