Prologue: A Fresh Start

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Based on the movie and the game app, Series:Your Story Universe. I would personally like to thank StyleFangirl34 and a select few others for inspiration and role playing as well. All characters and storylines belong to their original creators. I only own Sheila.

Friday, March 23rd 1984: Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois 60062

It was her first day at Shermer High. Sheila Donovan was dropped off by her maternal grandfather, Joseph Winger—a hardened, but kind former WWII veteran.

Sheila Donovan stood at 5'7''. She had a boyish body with some muscle and was small chested, giving one the impression of a slender Amazon. Her long shoulder length copper hair framed her oval-shaped face that was dotted with freckles across her cheeks and nose. Her eyes were an emerald green that glittered with mischief. Her mouth seemed to have a permanent smirk as if she had tricks in mind.

She wore her grandfather's Army jacket—donned with real patches. She wore a black and white striped t-shirt, a pair of jeans and black converses. She wore silver earrings: two sets of studs in her lobes and one in the helix of her left ear. She had a stack of brown leather bracelets on her left wrist and a silver anchor ring on her right forefinger.

"Be good," Joseph told her.

Sighing, Sheila got out of Joseph's 1963 Buick. She reflected on her old life. She was angry. She had a lot of shit going on: from her parents' divorce and her mother's remarriage to having to transfer in the middle of the school year due to less than desirable circumstances.

Another school. Another life. It sucked being the new kid.

Flipping her hair away from her eyes, she went to her first class of the day. History with Mrs. Russell. She walked down the hallways, looking at her schedule of classes and at the door numbers she passed by. Once she found Mrs. Russell's class, she was hoping to keep a low profile by sitting in the back. Unfortunately, there was only an empty seat next to a blond boy who was deep into reading his book. She approached him cautiously.

"Excuse me?" she said. "Is anyone sitting here?"

The blond boy looked up from his book and to his surprise, a redheaded tomboy was standing next to him. Nobody ever talked to him. Gulping, he cleared his throat and began to speak.

"No..." he stuttered. "Not at all."

Sheila studied the young man. His voice was very soft and slightly deep, but it seemed his voice change was still developing. He spoke with a slight lisp. The sun shining through the window seemed to illuminate the male student. He reminded Sheila of an angel: his face was sweet and innocent with his wavy blond hair and shy, yet inquisitive blue eyes. Once she got past the eyes and hair, she noticed some finer details—he had a few pimples in some places. There were braces on his teeth, making his lips pout slightly and was the apparent cause of his lisp. His eyebrows and lashes were so pale that they seemed to blend in with his skin. The attire he wore proved he was a geek: a navy blue sweater that was too proper for a public high school. His khaki pants were way too short since they rode up to show his ankles. The shoelaces on his sneakers were loose, which he failed to notice.

Despite his appearance, Sheila couldn't help but admit that he was adorkable.

He watched with curious blue eyes as the redhead sat down and his eyes widened. No girl had ever sat with him, let alone spoken to him before. They'd either nod, ignored him, or dismissed him with disgust. Her ginger hair looked like flames in the sunlight and her eyes were stunning shade of green. The endless freckles on her face. Her attire gave off a tomboyish impression.

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