Thea Queen- Dinner: Part 2 (c)

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The two of you rushed out of the fancy restaurant, not looking back, knowing that anyone who saw you leave would have stuck up their noses at you. It didn't take long for you to get from the posh restaurant and down to the park where the old burger place was. It wasn't a chain of shops, just a lonely store that sold some of the greasiest food you had ever known but somehow it was still amazing.

There was only a couple of people in there when you entered, without a queue to the bored looking teenager whom was working at the till. You ordered your food and soon took the tray of greasy goodness off into a booth in the corner under a flickering light.

You popped the straw into the thick pink liquid before grabbing one of your chips and using it to scoop up some of the drink and eating it.

"I don't know how you can do that," Thea said with a scrunched-up nose as she dissected her burger, taking out anything that was green and could somehow support the claim of it being a healthy meal.

"It's good," you grinned, doing it again.

She shook her head. "It's revolting. Just that milkshake is gross. It doesn't taste like strawberries, it's just sweet mush."

You rolled your eyes at your girlfriend, scooping up the gherkins she had discarded into the lid of her burger box, placing them into your own burger.

"That's literally all a milkshake is," you stated. "Anyway, you're weird, you don't even like gherkins, what's the point in having a burger without them?"

Once again, she scrunched up her nose, opening the sachet of ketchup and smothering the burger patty in it and letting it be spread out by the top of the bun.

"They are sour and horrible. The best burgers are patty, cheese, sauce and bun. No fancy extra bits, no vegetables just filling out the space. If they want to fill out the burger more, I'd never say no to more cheese."

"Is it really cheese though?" You asked, prodding the orange square on your burger. "It tastes good but legally I think it can't be called cheese."

She conceded on that point, taking a bite out of the burger, squelching red sauce down her chin. You shook your head at her, grabbing a napkin to wipe up the mess on her chin.

"God, I love you," you sighed. "I'm glad you're my mess."

She shot you a look. "I'm not a mess but I amyours."


Written by Charlotte.

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