cuarenta | epílogo

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Translation for Spanish words
used in this chapter —

Epílogo —  epilogue
Tío — uncle
Borracho — drunkard


Three years later...


Jeon Jihoo focused his big eyes on the goal net, one boot poised upon the ball.

His small hands flexed, lips pouted as a certain man covered his destination, hands out and ready to catch his shot.

The winds of Granada teased his locks, nearly stumbling his position.

No, this little boy would not back down.

With all the strength a six year old can muster, Jihoo swung his leg back and threw the ball.

In his eyes, he knew he could not possibly get it through the net.

But the man, a worse goalkeeper than father, stood rooted to his spot, knowing the ball slithered closer to the line. Jihoo, with wide eyes, saw it roll past a statuesque Jeon Jungkook and into the net.

The latter gasped over-dramatically, hands on his mouth. "Hijo! You've beaten me again!"

Jihoo, a child who knew nothing of extra parental help, smiled smugly at his miraculous victory. "I'm gonna be the best in the whole world!" He declared, fisting his hands in the air.

Laughing, Jungkook strode over to where the boy stood and ruffled his hair. "You will be, chico," he murmured, seeing how alike Jihoo's curls were to his own. "Hmm, trying to copy your Papá, huh?"

The child looked up at Jungkook, mouth parted as he lost himself in thought. "Mamá wanted me to have it. You know, it does look a lot like you, huh?"

A smile graced the man's lips, going wider as he brought his hands under the boy's armpits and lifted him up, holding him protectively on the football field.

"There they are!"

Both heads turned to the entrance as Kim Taehyung, best friend extraordinaire, wrenched open the field gates, accompanied by the Alvarez cousins and a certain flamenco dancer on his arm.

Jeon Jungkook felt his heart flutter.

Aeri Alvarez stepped upon the grass, looking like the sun reincarnated with her yellow dress, draping down to the floor. A soft smile melted her lips, seeing her husband holding her son.

One of her hands looped through Taehyung's arm, and the other rested on her growing belly.

"Mamá!" Jihoo called out, pointing towards the said-pregnant woman.

Obliging the boy, Jungkook walked towards the crowd, revealing Gabriella and Ciro, who each held one handle of a picnic basket.

Aeri burst into a smile after seeing her child call her. "Mi Jiji," the dancer purred, pressing a feather-light kiss upon his nose.

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