Living Again~ Eighteen

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We stood in the middle of a huge toys shop. It had everything from remote controlled cars to barbie dolls.

"So what kind of things does she like?" I asked Ethan.

"Okay, well here's the deal with Casey. If you look at her room and stuff you'll think she's a really girly girl. But don't get fooled by that, she's most definitely not. She's my little rebel. As much as my mom will try to get her to do beauty pagaents and such, Casey really loves sports. She's not really a tomboy but she likes the outdoors. I'm sure she'll be getting loads of priness accessories as gifts so I'm not allowing you to buy all that crap for her."

I laughed, "Ok ok, calm down. No girly stuff. What do you think you're gonna get her?"

"I don't know. Well, I've sort of been building a tree house for her in the big oak tree in our house."

"Wow, that sounds cool. Is that your present for her then?"

He ran a hand through his hair, "Nah. I don't think it's completed yet. I need to add some personal touches. I'm thinking of getting her a skateboard, she keeps trying to use mine but it's too big for her."

I smiled, "That's nice. Let's have a look at those then."

We spent some time debating over which size would be good for her and which designs printed on the skateboard would suit her personality. After that I had to look for a present for her too. I ended up buying a whole gardening set for her after Ethan mentioned that she seems interested in that. And I didn't mind teaching her a few things since it's something my mom and I used to do together. We grew all sorts of flowers in our backyard. Now I just hoped Casey and I would get along.

When we got to the party I was shocked. Twice.

The first shock was recieved when I looked at Ethan's house. It was an old style house which looked more like a mansion than a bunglow. It had an ancient look to it which was very appealing. I had already guessed the party would be formal since Ethan wore a nice black button-down shirt with jeans. I chose to wear a cute dress which I had bought with my friends a few weeks ago. It was white with black flower patterns on it, and it had a thick black belt around the waist.

The second shock was when I entered the house. Not because it was huge, I was expecting that much after looking at the outside of it, but because it was decorated completely pink. A bright and cheerful pink. It made me want to gag.

I looked at Ethan and he looked annoyed.

Little girls and boys were running around, laughing, talking and chasing each other. The girls were in big fluffy dresses and the boys in smart clothes. The room was completely noisy and there were no adults in sight. This was pathetic.

Ethan grabbed my hand and lead me towards the big spiral staircase. We climbed up and he dragged me into the first room on the left and closed the door behind him. This was his room, clearly. It was huge. Big framed paintings were hung on the walls, gosh he was an amazing artist. He had a graffitti wall with all sorts of drawings and random words on it.

"That is not what Casey wants. I bet my mom just brainwashed her into being fine with this. She hates pink!"

Well this was awkward, he was really pissed. I asked, "So what can we do?"

He sighed, softening up a bit as he looked at my worried face, "Nothing we can do about it. I'll take her out to her favourite places tomorrow to make up for this shit."

"Where is she anyways?"

"Probably getting dressed into some princess, sparkly dress in her room."

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