iii. dumb and naive

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CHAPTER THREE. - iii. dumb and naive

taehyung angrily rolled the down the window, wrapping his hands around jeongguk's waist to pull him closer. 

"what do you want v?" the blonde sent a glare in the direction of his brother. 

"well i came to see if your examination was over, but turns out you're just in here fucking." the latter dead panned. 

jeongguk mewled softly, cuddling back up into the crook of taehyung's neck once again. he was tired and them two talking was getting on his nerves. 

"what else did you think these examinations were?" he snorted, before arching his back a little to pop his joints, "anyways did you go and get the background check from dad?" 

"no i didn't-, of course i went and got the background check from dad stupid." 

"geez, i was just asking. now tell me what does the file say?" 

"well for one, he just got out of a relationship, he's a bit of sex addict, and he comes from a well off family. there wasn't much to read." 

"that's good, i like to keep things simple." 

"now care to tell me how you and jeongguk got in the car and proceeded to have sex without me." 

"to be honest, i don't and i won't. that's me and jeongguk's business." 

"it sure won't be when you're screaming out for me to stop." 

"are you threatening me?" 

"only with a good time." v said blandly before he carded his fingers through his hair and walked away from the car. 

some would say it was weird that he and taehyung were sexually involved, but then again they don't know a lot about them. including the fact that the two aren't brothers and weren't raised as such. they were raised to be business partners, associates in a way. 

when you're looking at things from the outside in things can get confusing which is why when it comes to them you have to look from the inside out. 

v sighed as he walked over to the dean's office for the fifth time today. he was tired of seeing his "father" every waking hour. so when he stepped through those doors all he could do was roll his eyes and sit down on the leather sofa. 

"i'm glad you could make it here today, vincent." 

"how many times do i have to tell you to stop calling me vincent, it sounds fucking stupid. do i look like a damn vincent to you?" 

"well you sure as hell don't look like a v, now do you?" the grey haired male let out a short groan at his "father's" words. 

"can you just tell me why you called me in here, for the fifth time today?" 

"it's because i have a few more things to tell you about your training and an upcoming mission that you have to fulfill." hyunjun picked up a folder from off the table, grabbing a small stack of papers from the right pocket, "you and taehyung are to pose as lovers for tonight's gala, your target is kim namjoon. leader of bangtan and ceo of kim and co." 

"i don't get what you want us to do though?" he sighed, rolling his head a bit and spreading his legs to feel more comfortable. 

"i want you to join bangtan, and take it over. it's been on the rise these days, gaining a very big name. and if we have them under our control i'm sure we could make a fortune." 

"by now im sure you care about money more than you do your own son." 

"you're actually quite right vincent, i do. and as i invest in you two, both of you will be bringing in my money." 

"of course we will." v sneered, getting up he grabbed the papers from his dad's hands and walked out back into the direction of the dorms. 

"what is he doing here? doesn't he have his own dorm or something? i don't wanna deal with him right now."

v reached back and pulled his shirt off, throwing it across the room somewhere. the muscular expanse of his body now exposed. 

"he's here because i don't know where his dorm is. stop being a big baby and just deal with it, okay?" taehyung sassily responded, walking over the latter and lazily draping his arms around his neck. 

"well if he walks in on you getting your brains fucked out it's not my fault." his hands went down to grip taehyung's waist, pulling the boy forward so his body was right against his, leaning forward he pressed his lips against the other's. 

taehyung's lips were soft, as they always were. but this time he tasted like lemons and sugar, which v happily enjoyed, "why do you taste so different today?" 

"different chapstick, i ran out of my cherry one. why, do you like it?" 

"yeah, i guess." v murmured as he began kissing down his neck, suckling softly to leave light red bruises on his tan skin. his hands which were on the blonde's waist helped guide the two towards the bed which they had then fell back on. 

"why are you going so slow today?" the latter whined, "i'm sure that boy is gonna wake up pretty soon." 

"who cares if he wakes up, it's not like he hasn't seen you naked before." v said as he pressed the head of his cock into taehyung's entrance. 

"yeah, but he hasn't seen me bottom and he doesn't need to." 

"well i don't give a fuck." v grunted, before he bottomed out, giving tae a few minutes to adjust before he started thrusting inside of the latter. 

"a-ah, wh-what did d-dad tell you when you w-went to him?" taehyung stuttered out as he grinded his hips up to meet each thrust. 

"just...some dumb..fuck..mission." the grey haired male panted, before he intertwined his hands with tae's and pinned them up about the blonde's head. 

"i-i don't w-wanna do a mission, j-just wanna stay home~" taehyung mewled, spreading his legs wider so that v could reach a deeper depth inside of him. 

"mhm, baby. i wanna st-stay home too." 

the sound of skin slapping and heavy breathing drowned out their words. wrapping his arms around taehyung's waist v rolled over onto his back and proceeded to fuck up into the blonde. his balls slapping against tae's ass as his thrusts got harder and shallower. 

taehyung's moans only got louder and the pleasure only got more intense until both of them came simultaneously. the man beneath his still rolling his hips, grinding up against him to ride out his high. 

(a/n: yes there will be taev smut, because they are not brothers. if they were actually brothers then no, incest is weird and they are not in breds. ) 

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