Chapter 11

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At lunch time because teaching and learning is boring to write.

Izuku's POV

It will be nice eating with Uraraka and Iida today. Well yes they like the idea because well Uraraka you can tell she was very excited. Anyway today we are sitting in a empty or was until we got in there teachers lounge. Me and Shota usually come here anyway for lunch since no one comes here. I kinda feel worried that next month I will have to start staying home to be honest.

Iida's POV

It is going to be nice eating with the Aizawas today since we haven't talked to Izuku much. Yes we are all allowed to say his given name as long as Aizawa-sensei is near him. It is kinda still weird that they have the same last name.

Uraraka's POV

I am excited that I finally get to talk to Deku-kun again. I wonder how awkward this might be who knows right. Like it has been months the last time we properly talked to one another who knows when that will happen again.

Izuku's POV

Finally we got to the lounge because me and the twins are hungry. Me and Shota sat in our usual spots when Uraraka and Iida sat the opposite side of the table. We got our lunches out and started eating before we started talking while eating. "So how are both of you been doing since I left to be at least more protected by Shota." Yes I can call my husband by his first name in front of everyone. Well the media luckily dosen't know. Iida "I don't know about Uraraka but I expect that you have to be protected everyday mostly every minute of the day." Uraraka "I understand but I really miss hanging out with you and we know you have to wait again until we do talk and have time." I get it besides it is my choice to give birth to these twins. That reminds me we still have to tell the class we won't be there once I hit seven months into my pregnancy. Also we will be gone until the twins are three months old and thankfully Nezu letted me and Shota bring then to school until they know how to control their quirk.

Aizawa's POV

Should I let them see Izu when they have time so they don't have to be so distant. "*whispers to Izu* want to see them when we are not in school for like the six months we won't be here." He than whispered back. "Ya and well the twins will have to get use to other people." He is right and well that reminds me we have to set up the baby room. We also decided the twins will sleep in our room for the first month since we know they will be a handful at the time. "Would both of you like to see Izuku again every so often when not busy once you both stop seeing us." "What do you mean by that Aizawa-sensei" both of them said. "You will see and hear later." They only nodded and we are all silent and eatting.

Time skip two 2 weeks later because nothing interesting happened.

Izuku's POV

We are outside of the classroom at the moment. Today is the day we say on Monday next week me and Shota won't be here until three months after the twins are born. The first month we also decided to get stuff for the baby room and outfits for the twins. This will do to me having to wear a bigger sweater than me to try and hid the baby belly. Shota will kinda have to wear a bit of a disguise also which I don't know what it is.

-_-_ -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

"Ok we have something important to tell all of you" said Shota. The class looks confused about this. "As you all know is that I am pregnant and well me and Shota starting next Monday won't be coming to school. After three months after the twins are born we will come back with them."

Iida's POV

So that is what they ment by once me and Uraraka have time to see Izuku. It was because of the twins because I never thing I saw that coming.


Izuku's POV

The end of the day came faster than expected. Me and Shota are on the couch cuddling and enjoying the silence. We won't probably get this much silence once the twins are born and on top of that not as much cuddles and snuggles which is basically the same thing. I will ne surprised if they are quite tho.

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