The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 1

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I hated lookout duty. I couldn't stand it. It was worse when I had Flint talking in my ear about some girl he wanted to nail. It was Friday night and I turned down two dates because of this. Not to mention the fact that it was pissing down with rain. My hood was up and the collar was pulled up to my chin. Flint stood beside me, standing in his t-shirt and jeans. Talk about drawing attention to yourself.

Gordon was mad for even thinking that the house was under threat. I mean, yeah, there was a pack of new werewolves in the area but they didn't stand a chance against any of us.

But until he got his head sorted out, we were on lookout duty all night without any breaks. It wasn't even as if there was anybody at home; they had all left to go out, leaving me and Flint to guard an empty house.

"I'm going to get something to eat," Flint announced, turning towards the steps.

"No, you're not," I snarled. "No breaks means no breaks." I moved in front of his path, blocking his way.

"I'm starving, Cal," he whined. "I'll bring you back something."

My stomach rumbled in response and I had no choice but to let him go in and get something to eat for us both. The door slammed behind him and I felt jealous that he was in the warmth and I was outside in the cold.

On a Friday night, for Gods' sake.

The audacity of the situation made my wolf growl indignantly. He had been like this for a few weeks, ever since I had hit eighteen. I knew what it meant but I had chosen to ignore it. It had happened to Jase and it had happened to Macca but it couldn't possibly happen to me.

I wasn't going to have a mate.

I was too selfish, for one thing. I didn't care enough about someone else to even think about putting them first. And I couldn't be bothered thinking about their feelings. Then there was the whole pup thing. I wasn't being funny, but I didn't exactly have paternal written across my forehead. I didn't want any snot nosed little kids running around calling me dad.

I felt sorry for Jase.

When Sierra had come down and told us that she was pregnant, he had been so happy. If it had been me, I would have run to the hills and never looked back. I wasn't father or mate material so the whole process would just have to sidestep me.

Gordon was pleased about Jase; he was going to be a grandad, after all. Radleigh would be an uncle and the rest of us...we would just be the blokes that seemed to be always there.

There were eight of us in the pack but ten who lived in the house. Gordon was our Alpha. He was our leader and even though we disagreed with him all the time, we sort of had to obey him and his orders. Jase and Radleigh were his sons. They were alright, I supposed. I preferred Radleigh over Jase; Jase was always so serious about everything while Radleigh hadn't even thought about maturing and was always up for a good time. Flint was my best friend. He, like me, couldn't understand why we needed to find mates. He just thought that girls were a one night thing. Macca was my older brother. He was the same age as Jase and he had found a mate too, which had changed him over the summer. He had gone from the happy-go-lucky boy to the brooding and volatile man. Then there were Ade and Eli. Ade was the joker of the pack and Eli often found himself as a mediator in arguments.

Sierra and Georgina were the only females in the house. Sierra and Jase had mated the day after his eighteenth birthday. It was alright for him; he already worked with her so it hadn't taken that long for the realisation to set in. Macca and Georgina had met in the summer, thus making my brother a miserable bastard. I suppose that he couldn't help it but his emotions were all over the place and it was like living with someone with bi-polar. I had just left them together, in the hope that my normal brother would come back. He hadn't yet.

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