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Brennens POV
I haven't seen Colby for a while now Sam come to my house everyday I haven't seen him today tho he would have came by this time I snap back into reality because I hear a ding from my phone I check it and it's Sam

Hey have you talked to Colby


Colby's POV
I lay in my bed I know I should be over it
But I can't I hate what I said to him
"Your all ways so controlling I hate You!
That keep repeating in my head I can't get it out did he really mean that
I should go see myself I get up and dress myself I walk to he's house it's 20 minutes away it starts to rain I forgot my hoodie so I just walk in the rain almost there I say I freezing at this point but I'm almost there to Brennens I start to run but then slow down I see someone following me I keep my head up and walk the same speed I get to Brennens and bang on the door he opens it I walk in and lock the door he says Colby? I turn around to see Sam there to Sam says Colby why have you not been answering your calls I remember that I threw my phone at the floor when I was arguing with Brennen I start to cry as I remember all that Brennen said I hate you your stupid but I said stuff to at least I don't bang every girl I see I feel someone hug me I look up
Hi it's me ^-^

I'm going to put this here and leave 🙂 my Instagram is sunflower_colbs

I'm going to put this here and leave 🙂 my Instagram is sunflower_colbs

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