First Contact Part 14

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24th July 2019 All Rights Reserved


Lila's POV...

At least I don't have to worry about Jarrod hanging around. The girls actually looked relieved that their father had left.

" He kept treating us like babies, Mumma. And we are not babies anymore." Emma said with a sour pout on her lips. She does not suffer fools lightly when they treat her like she thinks she shouldn't be. It doesn't matter who that person is. My daughters are very smart and they know it, unfortunately.

" I think your Dad is just trying too much for you two girls to accept him again. Just have a little bit of patience with him, Okay?" I asked them with a smile when I took them upstairs to change and get ready for dinner. Which we were having with the family in the main house.

Jarrod has a lot to learn about the girls if he wants to have any kind of relationship with them after all this time. That goes for his family as well. The only ones who had spent any real time with them were the younger ones in the family. The cousins and the cousins cousins. But the girls hardly remember any of them nowadays after being away from the family now for more than twelve months.

Anyway, I have been fielding calls from the sheriff's office who have said that an older couple had come forwards claiming to be the girls grandparents and when the names were unfamiliar to me, I didn't hesitate to tell the police that the girl's father has already been informed and is now involved and my mother has already legally taken over the care of Mallory and if the other so called grandparents want to see Mallory, then they will have to go through legal channels to do so.

Mother stayed with Mallory upstairs until after Dad came back from town with a couple of large shopping bags in hands.

Dinner is usually around six o'clock here and a little before six, there was a clang at the front door. I say clang, since the knocker has fall apart and needs to be fixed and until it does, it just makes this clanging noise which vibrates right through the house.

Leaving everyone else doing their thing, I made my way down to the front door and pulled it open with a smile knowing who it was by the chatter i can hear coming through the door as I approached it.

" Esme, good to see you again." I say with a grin when she turned and looked at me with this surprised look on her face. Then she nervously looked behind me to see who was there. Which was no one. The hall was empty with everyone at the back of the house.

" Umm. Alex called as soon as you left and I came home straight away." She said to me a little nervously as she looked at me and down the hall to where we can hear the girls squealing and laughing.

" She is still upstairs at the moment with mother." I said which had them all visibly relaxing, even him, her father.

" I was shocked when Alex mentioned something about another grandchild. I thought I miss heard him and what he was saying." Esme stood there a little nervously while I shut the door after ushering them to come inside.

Mallory's father was a bit slow on it and I had to reach out for him by grabbing his shirt and dragging him inside. Then I shut the door behind him after giving his chest a pat to straighten the crease I just made with his shirt.

He just grunted since I was not light with my pats. I never was.

I ushered them down to the family room where everyone else was waiting except Mallory. Spotting the older couple, Dad came right over to welcome them and their grandson who he has met before. Just not lately.

I made them a coffee while we all waited for the two ladies who were upstairs to come down. Which was taking a while. I reckon that might be in part with how nervous Mallory had been looking earlier when I was there with them.

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