Promises Part 13

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23rd July 2019 All Rights Reserved


Lila's POV...

Fifteen minutes later, I was knocking rather loudly on their thick wooden front door. I made that girl a promise and I was damn well going to keep it.

" Hold your horses. Rome wasn't built in a day and I still have to get my britches on." A gruff voice yelled from inside the house.

" Pa, you can't say something like that." Another deeper, younger sounding voice also called out.

" It's my house. I can say anything I damn well please." The older gruff voice snapped back.

I stood there patiently waiting for the gentleman to open the door for me.

" Get your britches on all right then, I see." I said as I looked into the amused eyes of Esme's husband, Alexander. I always did like the man.

" I sure did, young lady. You're her sewing friend." Mr Johnson said as he leaned on his cane and looked at me.

" Yes, Sir. I am. Is Esme home? I need to speak to her." I said while trying not to stare at the other bit of business I have come to see.

" She's over in Burley visiting that sister of hers. The weird one." He said with a scrunch of his nose along with a shudder. I guess he does not get on with the sister in law.

" We had an incident down at the store with a break in. It's all sorted out and nothing of Esme's was touched. I wanted her to know before the report went out since Coral called the police to report it before I got called in." I said to him while leaning on the doorpost beside me and looking at the older man.

I should have realized long ago who the grandson was. Which brought my attention to the quiet man standing back further in the house watching us.

" Gillian Parker. Remember her?" I asked him with a grin. I am so going to enjoy this. If he thought his life was turned upside down before this, wait until he hears about Mallory.

I just looked at the taller man who I can now see has quite a few grey or silver hairs running through his dark locks. A bit young to have it happen at his age. But after everything he went through, I'm not surprised that he has them. Which will probably triple after a few months.

" What about her?" He then asked in his usual quiet voice. Totally at odds with the way he used to speak years ago. Before he went to jail.

" She's dead." I bluntly said.

Mr Johnson was just standing there sideways as he now looked to both me and his grandson with both a curious look and total confusion his expressions.

" And?" I smiled when he just said that to me with a frown on his face.

I stepped forward while pulling out my phone and scrolling through the pictures I took of the break in for insurances purposes a little earlier. Then, once I stopped at one particular photo, I turned my camera around and showed him the photo.

I watched as the shock came over his face and he staggered back against the wall behind him.

" Your daughter looks just like you. She's with my mother right now at our place. She needs you." Was all I said to him before closing my phone and shoving it back into my pocket and turning away from him. I think that shock was enough for the moment.

But I don't know who was more shocked, Esme's husband or her grandson for finding out that there is a child now in their family. One he fathered.

I turned to his grandfather and told him that it might be better for them to come to dinner tonight at my parents place. They know where it is and they better be there.

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