Parenthood Part 12

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23rd July 2019 All Rights Reserved


Lila's POV...

Walking in the door at the back of the store past an officer who was standing there talking to Coral, I had no idea what to expect. Nor was I expecting to see another officer standing over a teenage girl who looked like she had been in a horrible fight and lost.

The girl looked like she had been living on the streets for a while. Her hair was matted, her clothing was very unkempt and I can see the dirt on her hands that showed she had not washed in some time. What kind of parents did the child have?

Then I noticed that she was slightly shivering as she sat there with her arms wrapped around herself with her head down so I couldn't even tell you what she looked like. I walked across to the cupboard I have at the back wall where I keep a few things extra I never thought I would need and opened it. 

I bent down and pulled out the small blanket that I like to wrap around myself to ward off the chill on those mornings when I come in and do not want to put the heater on for only an hour or so.

I opened it as I walked back to the girl also noticing that she had no socks on her feet under the tennis shoes she was wearing. Or what should have been tennis shoes, scruffy things they were. I can just see some of her toes through the holes in them.

 I ignored the officer who was trying to get the girl to talk but was not having any kind of success. I wrapped the blanket around the girl and pulled it tight to the front and pushed it into her hands when I pried one loose from under her arms.

" The girl needs attention more than questioning." I murmured to the officer above me since I was still squatting down on my knees so I could look up into the girls face. I rested one of my hands on her knee after pulling the blanket closed around her.

She was still shivering, but I think it was mostly due to shock more than anything.

" I'm going to make a cup of tea." I muttered before I patted the girls leg again and pushed myself to my feet. Her jeans were threadbare and torn in places. They didn't give much in the way of either warmth or protection.

" Ma'am.." The officer started speaking but I just gave him the same look I gave the moron back at the house who I am hoping is sitting down and chatting with the daughters he thinks wants to talk to him.

I filled the kettle and turned it on. It was already hot. So, I assume that Coral had made herself one just before she found the girl in the store. 

The officer stood next to the girl and just watched as I went about making a hot tea for ourselves. Me and the girl that is. I would have made some chocolate, but I don't have any here. Just tea and coffee and I am not going to be giving a minor any tea.

At least, I think she is a minor. I won't really know until I get a good look at her face. I know that parenthood comes with it's challenges. But to treat a child like this is not parenting. It is downright abuse. I was so angry about that. I was also ticked that the child was being treated like a criminal and not the victim she obviously is.

While the kettle was boiling, I took a quick look through the store to see what, if anything, had been stolen. But it looked like there hadn't been anything touched. So, I guess the break in I was expecting, was just the girl in question which Coral called home about before calling the police to get them involved.

" I'll take it from here, officer." I said to the man who just stood over the teenage girl like she was a prisoner. I stared at him a moment or two like I see mum do to dad before the officer moved away a bit. I crouched down once more in front of the girl again ignoring the man across the room from me at the moment.

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