Unexpected Visit. Part 11

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22nd July 2019 All Rights Reserved


Lila's POV...

" It would have been nice to have a heads up that you were coming over to visit with the girls, Jarrod. We could have been anywhere and you would have had a wasted trip." I said to him after I ushered the girls through the door as they shook with the towels wrapped around them over their costumes which were still damp from the pool.

" I don't think it would have been a wasted trip." I distinctly heard my dad say quietly. I ignored him at the moment as he stood there leaning against the bench with his arms crossed as he looked at his ex son in law with steel glazed eyes.

I had mumma take the girls for a quick bath and change before they could come back and speak with their father.

" Since this is an unexpected visit, how long do we expect you to be here for, Jarrod?" I asked him as I stepped round dad to put the kettle on. I needed a cup of tea.

" A week. I have to be back in Armidale in a week." He mumbled. Dad staring at him was beginning to make Jarrod nervous.

I can't understand why? I sarcastically thought that.

" Then, what are your plans with the girls? They have school still on and the most you would get to see them would be early int he morning or after school. Coming when they are on a break would have worked out better." I muttered to him.

After I saw him standing there looking at us, my heart nearly thumped in surprise before it settle down. Especially when I remembered what lead up to our divorce. Then I felt numb again. I mean, I felt nothing. Whatever love I felt for him stopped cold the moment his whore walked int he door pregnant with his child.

" He's not mine." Jarrod blurted out all of a sudden.

I slowly turned to look at him while holding the teapot in my hand. I was about to scoop out some tea leaves for the pot when he blurted that bit of news out.

" And I care because?" I asked him with a droll sounding voice. I do believe that I was bored with his presence already and it hasn't even been half an hour since we got back home.

" You can come back home now. She's gone. Her and the baby's real father came looking for them." I was so not expecting him to say that. Or be here either.

So, the kid was not even his?

" Why on earth would I want to do that for, Jarrod? That boat sailed the moment your f****** whore came waltzing into my shop with that baby belly of hers on full display." I said to him with a deadly look. If I could call it that. I turned back to finish making the pot of tea.

I could vaguely hear the sounds of the boys as they all showered and got changed. They will be down shortly. The girls won't be too far behind since their eyes lit up when they spotted their father. Then I watched as he had the gall to ignore them and only speak to me. I watched the light that began to shine int heir eyes slowly dim until they just walked past him without a word of hello or anything.

It was like he didn't even see them at all. What the hell is wrong with him? And he wants us to go back home with him? There is not one single thing in this world which could induce me to go and do that. Not a thing. I looked at him and wondered what he thought the moment the back door opened and we all walked in. Or tried to.

It was a bit hard when the boys were standing in front of me.

I think Jarrod was surprised when he saw how tall my older twin brothers had gotten. I'm talking about Wyeth and Dylan. I call them my older twin brothers as they are the older set of the two sets of younger twins I have as siblings.

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