Living but inside dead..

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From the outside I am living

taking but not giving.

Waiting but not rewarded

Yelled at but not retarded..

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From the outside I am living: I am living but deep inside I'm numb and I don't care like I'm a dead person who doesn't care anymore and only exists tofulfillit's purpose..

Taking but not giving: I accept everything you tell me , even if it's insulting I'm taking all that anger and insult but I'm not giving you any.. How is that fair?

Waiting but nor rewarded: God told me to wait and hope for a better future.. But I waited.. And nothing got better.

Yelled at but not retarded: You tell me I'm wrong.. Tell me I'm just not strong enough..

But you tell me things I already know.. I already have made my choice..

(What did you think it was about before you read the Poetry Code? )

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