Third Person P.O.V.
"TELL ME WHERE YOUR LOVE LIES!" Simon woke everyone up screaming lyrics at 3:00 A.M. "That song sucks," Maddie groaned, causing Simon to throw a pillow at her, accidentally hitting Ari. "Wait, is she still on top of you?" Taylor asked. "Shh, and yes," Maddie whispered. Sleep wouldn't happen though because Simon just began to blast the song. "And Mani is probably about to do tricks with her ass. Dancing, I mean," Dinah said. "Maddie, stop reading fanfics," Ari groaned, taking Maddie's phone. "Ari... why would you do that to her?" Billie asked, laughing.
The next morning:
"DICK IN MY PUSSY!" Offset screamed. "You don't have a pussy," Camila said. "Dude, Shawn noticed the Camren pics," Ally said. "I'm gonna die. Goodbye everyone," Lauren said. "Fuck. I need to explain," Camila groaned. "Don't worry. I already did. I told him you don't love him and he isn't good enough for you," Maddie said, hiding her smile. "YOU WHAT?" Camila yelled, rushing over and grabbing Maddie's shoulders tight. "I'm joking. I messaged him and told him it was all a big prank on everyone. Our drunk minds thought it would be funny," Maddie laughed. Camila sighed in relief and let Maddie go. Pete looked away and said, "I may have actually sent him something." "PETE! THE HELL?" Bram yelled. "It's OK. No one would believe Pete," Cardi laughed. "Hey girl. Did you just fart?... because you blew me away," Justin said to Selena. "Stop with the trashy pickup lines," she grumbled. "Uh... I lost my teddybear. Can I sleep with you instead?" Justin continued with the terrible pickup lines. "Justin, I'd rather date Demi than you," Selena said. "BITCH! THE FUCK?" Demi yelled.
"YOU KNOW WHAT! I LET YOU SINK! HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT?" Bram yelled. "I don't know why your mad at me and you make no fucking sense," Simon said. "Maddie, what are you watching?" Gabbie asked, looking pissed. "Genius interviews. Why? Oh, never mind," Maddie said. "What interview?" Lauren asked. "Yours," Maddie laughed. "See, I'm the one she prefers out of the group," Lauren said, looking at the others. "ORANGE IS AN ORANGE ORANGE!" Pete cried. "PETER, SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Ari yelled. "Why don't you? All you do is fuck up everyone's lives with your emotions," Pete mumbled. Maddie immediately grabbed Ari's hand. Ari looked over and said, "Don't worry. I'm not bothered."
"MILKY THE DOG!" Bram screamed. Justin was flopping on the bed like a fish. Nicki and Cardi were having a twerk contest. Dinah kept telling Normani to join, but she refused. Ally was reading a book. No, not the bible. "MADDIE! I FOUND YOUR WATTPAD!" Billie yelled. "NO!" Maddie yelled, smirking. "My favorite fanfics of Maddie's are the group chat ones," Cardi said. "My favorite was... never mind," Ari said. "Midnight shadows or Behind the smile?" Maddie asked. Ari looked down, hiding the smile on her face. "ARI! WHY DO YOU LOVE MADDIE SO MUCH?" Simon yelled, for some reason. "Because... I just do," Ari said. "Aww, I love you too much," Maddie said. "NO MUSHY SHIT!" Taylor yelled. "SHUT UP BITCH!" Nicki screamed.
"OK, so it's settled. Fuck me in the ass is the catch me outside of 2019," Normani said. "Mani, the fuck?" Camila asked. "You people really should watch your language," Ally mumbled. "You called Mila a bitch Allysus," Dinah laughed. "Oh yeah, I did. I'm sorry by the way," Ally said. "I HATE ALL OF YOU!" Maddie screamed. "Why do you hate us?" Gabbie asked, annoyed. "I'm talking to people in the comments section," Maddie said. "Guys. I need a feature on my next song. Who wants to do it?" Billie asked. "I volunteer... Ari," Maddie laughed. "BILLIANA!" Halsey yelled, laughing. "SHUT UP ASHLEY!" Ari yelled, smirking. "Well, Ari, are you OK with doing it?" Billie asked. "Yeah, why not?" Ari said. "YAY! I NEEDED THIS!" Maddie screamed. Everyone sang cheerfully for the rest of the afternoon.


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