Third Person P.O.V.
"STOP CRYING! THE MOVIE WASN'T THAT SAD!" Maddie yelled, as a few of the idiots were crying over the movie Coco. "Yes it was," Camila argued. "No, it really wasn't," Nicki groaned. "My mom texted me. She told me to tell Maddie to stop sending her goat pictures," Simon said. "Liar. I haven't talked to your mom or sent her pictures in five months," Maddie laughed. "PAPARAZZI ARE FOLLOWING US!" Cardi yelled. "I fucking hate the paparazzi," Dinah complained. "They're always in our faces asking about our breakup and shit like that," Normani sighed. "That was like two years ago," Lauren said. "I WANT MORE ALCOHOL!" Bram moaned. "NOOOOOOOOOO!" Simon yelled. "Let's play hide and seek," Justin said excitedly. "How the fuck could we? We're in a little tour bus," Billie said. "DRUNK HIDE AND SEEK!" Pete screamed. "LET'S DO IT!" Bram yelled.
After alcohol was flowing through everyone's veins, the idea didn't seem that bad. "Everyone hide. Justin will be the seeker," Pete slurred. "YAY! OK, 1, 2, 5, 4, 74, 56, 34..." Justin continued counting wrong. Everyone ran off and tried to hide. "I found the perfect place," Offset mumbled, pulling someone's arm. "No," Demi hissed, pulling away. Bram stood in a corner and whispered," He won't find me here." Sounds of making out could be heard. "Who the fuck is that," Simon asked. "Uh, I don't know. Also, this is stupid," Ari hissed. Her and Maddie somehow fit under the couch. "ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED! READYDO OR NOTYDO! HEREY I COMEY!" Justin yelled, then began skipping around looking for everyone.
"GET OFF OF MY ASS!" Nicki screamed, when Justin found her. Billie burst out laughing immediately. "Billie, shut up. Also, why the fuck is Ally crying?" Halsey said.
"GUYS! CAMREN IS CONFIRMED!" Justin yelled, and screams were heard from two females. "YES! MY SHIP IS SAILING!" Dinah yelled. "OK, everyone except one person has been found now. Wait, it's Bram," Simon said. "How does Justin not see him? He's in plain sight," Demi said. "BRAMYYYYYYYYY! WHEEEEEE AREEEEE YOUUUUUUUU?" Justin slurred, then passed out on the toilet. "I WIN!" Bram yelled, jumping up and down. "Nicki, did you just shit in a bag?" Cardi asked, disgusted. "Well, we can't shit in the bus toilet," Nicki slurred.
The next morning, they had another stop at a gas station. "FUCK! THERE'S PAPARAZZI!" Selena yelled. "We did not make out last night... did we?" Camila asked, looking at Lauren. "Yeah, you two did," Billie said. "It was interesting," Ally said. "Shit," Lauren groaned. "STOP FOLLOWING ME!" Pete yelled at a random kid. "YOU WILL PAY FOR DATING ARIANA! SHE'S MINE!" the dumb kid yelled. "Actually dumbass, she's mine and it's gonna stay that way," Maddie said, smirking and putting an arm around Ari. "ALRIGHT! I'M STARTING A RAP CAREER! MY RAPPER NAME WILL BE TRASH JUICE! IT'S SO SEXY!" Justin screamed, and the paparazzi left immediately.
"Guys, stop yelling at me. I didn't post those pictures," Dinah said. "OK, then who did?" Camila asked, irritated. "Justin. He was the one seeking last night," Maddie said. "I HATE JILLY JAGGLY JELLO! IT SCARES ME!" Bram yelled. "Shush, I still have a bit of a hangover," Demi groaned. "Offset, if I smell that weed anymore, I'm throwing you out the window," Cardi snapped. "Hey! What did we talk about. Be nice," Simon said, then he slapped Pete. "Hypocrit," Maddie mumbled. "Maddie, can I come hug you?" Ari asked. "No," Maddie said, then began laughing. "Well, if that's how things are going to be..." Ari smirked. Then, she ended up on top of Maddie. "WHO PUT PRETZELS IN MY WATER BOTTLE?" Gabbie yelled. "I just wanted you to know the wonderful taste of pretzel water," Offset said. "Some bitch is DMing me. Her username is MyMomAteMyToenail," Taylor groaned. "Oh, we use to get DMs from an account called SqueezeTheCheese," Normani said. Ally began laughing and said, "I remember that one time they sent the video of a cheese pool." "OK, but how do we get #CAMREN off of the internet?" Lauren asked. "LEAVE IT!" Halsey yelled, laughing. "Ari, did you..." Pete began. "NO!" Ari yelled, looking away from him.

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