chapter 25: the night we met

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~hey guys! as what's play the music with headphones. i'm sure you are all familiar with this one~

 i'm sure you are all familiar with this one~

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i trotted my way towards the rest of the wolves playing. i wanted my fair share of fun too. i started to nip at kun's tail trying to gain attention.

nine barked at me as if telling me no way. and shadow remarked with yeah as if. they both howled in laughter, rolling around on their backs. the snow covering their fur coats. kun laid there licking his fur clean of the recent events.

i growled in which they both stopped laughing.  kun ceased his grooming to give me his full attention, however divided it may be.

i'm ready to go then. i huffed out with a bit of sass in my tone.

i hope i didn't come off as too prissy or needy...

As u wish my majesty. nine bowed his head in my direction. i scoffed at him.

dalia turned her back to the them and began to lead the way back they had came. i could feel them following me. after a while kun got in front, leading the way.

i heard whispers being exchanged between the two but  i didn't look back, i didn't want to give them the satisfaction.

then all of a sudden nine pounced on my back. dalia plopped to the ground with a thud and a yelp. making kun turn around quickly his eyes narrowed and senses on high alert. his tail was even pointed sharp. his eyes softened when he saw it was just ten playing around. he turned back on his heels and continued to walk.

i display to taeyong my pleading eyes in hopes he would help  me. but instead he genteelly nudged my head and continued to walk. catching up with kun. i huffed in desperation.

ten get the hell off of me!  i barked. finally having enough.

or what? he smirked.

ten comeon we're gonna loose the others.

u wish. he said as he got off of dalia's back.

you're so annoying, u know that right?  i rhetorically asked standing onto my paws.

u love it. he said shaking his coat free of snow.

i began to walk. i tilted my head in his direction. i do.

he smirked but said nothing else.

it was silent like this for a while until memories just kept replaying themselves in my head. 
the night we met. it was all crazy to me really. insane actually.

how did i get here? how do i somehow get to have two mates? what did kun mean when he said 'past lunas'?

i watched as my paws made indents into the snow below, crisp yet soft. i was so lost in my thoughts i didn't hear shadow calling out to me using the mind link.

y/n? dalia? hello?

oh i'm sorry what did u say?

i said...what are u thinking about? he nudged  against my waist. i nudged back.

nothing. i lied. i couldn't tell him the truth.

clearly u are. what is it tell me. he licked my ears.

okay fine,  fine. i giggled, wanting him to stop. the night we met. better than nothing.

what about that glorious night? he said looking up to the sky mockingly at the word glorious. i laughed.

just the irony and insaness of it all. it just seems to...

...special? for it to be for u.

exactly. i thought. how did he know?

whenever things seem too "special" for u,
y/n...that's how you know it's truly meant for u.

i stayed silent.
u are special don't ever forget it, understand?

i understand...


it was dark now. the sun had set.
my new home was illuminated by beautiful lights. some similar to the ones i had back at my old house.

we walked in silence all the way back until we reached the mansion. as always it was stunning. i sighed.

is this what the rest of my life will look like? two mates?  a curse?  and a horny ass wolf side? was this really my destiny?

i paused in my tracks and looked up to the moon goddess for validation. is this really it? have i found it?

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