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"victoria" i turn around to see cyrus standing on the other side of the register, a good distance away from me, staring at me in disbelief

not taking any chances i bolt out of the exit door and start making random turns trying to find a secure hiding spot.

i looked behind me to see him chasing me, running full speed and i turn into the first store i saw which happened to be a forever 21



maggie and i are getting closer to our four month anniversary so edwin was currently trying to help me pick out some clothes to buy her at forever 21.

out of nowhere a curly headed girl with a big ass duffel bag runs right through us, looking beyond terrified, a few moments later followed by a average height, curly headed boy ran the same direction.

"is it just me or was he just chasing that gi-" i start but edwin stops me

"nope, don't even question it, we minding our business for the rest of 2019" he explains and scans another rack of clothes

"what if that dude was a murderer and she was running for her life ?" i ask him with my arms crossed

"the hell that gotta do with me ?" she turns his head at me, giving me a stank look and i roll my eyes



as i frantically ran out of the clothing store, with cyrus not on my trail as he was before and still wandering around the store.

i pulled on multiple car doors trying to find any place to hide in temporarily until i knew cyrus would be gone.

with this neighborhood being so calm, cool, and collective, people aren't skeptical about leaving their car doors unlocked. but to my luck, it seemed like everybody decided to play it safe today.

until i got to a black empty mini van that was parked about a block away from the forever 21 and hopped in.

immediately after getting in climbed into the back/truck and called dejá.

"you at aaliyah's yet ?" she asks when she answers

"nigga i'm in hiding in the back of somebodies trunk, my little plan ain't work out like i wanted it to" i panic

"the fuck you mean it didn't work out ?" she yells

"he saw me at the store when i was about to leave, and i dipped"

"you should've called the cops on him the fuck !" she complains

"i did, plenty of times, but when you got money, a clean record, and a pretty face cops leave you alone" i groan

"i'll turn his face ugly in .5 !" "just lay low for now, and you have all your necessities so when the car stops wherever you end up just call us uber to take you to aaliyah's house"

"yeah ima do that, if that nigga kills me, i love you and make sure you snitch like you never snitched before !" i blurt out before hanging up when i hear voices getting closer to the car

"just throw the bags in the trunk" one voice says before i see the trunk slowly open along with the light from outside hitting my face

"what the fuck-"


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follow the fan acc on ig @/webegoolin and like up all our posts so far if you love me 😔☝🏼

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