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I awoke this morning
And what did I see
But a strange old man
Glaring back at me

An unshaven face
Dark bags under his eyes
His countenance was bleak
Depression his bride

A slight spark of hope flickered
Behind eyes of ocean blue
He wasn't really sure
If what he was seeing was true

Vacations he had forgone
He worked hard to get ahead
Rising at dawn to work
Until he felt dead

For years he had neglected
His friends and dear family
They might as well be dead
On a ship lost at sea

Waves of sadness and regret
Washed over his mind
Why did he choose wealth and prosperity
Over loved ones every time

An aging body
Youth forever gone
His career halting to an end
It wouldn't be long

For what had he gained
Being loyal to a company
A pat on the back
An estranged family

Pondering the days ahead
He did violently shake
"Who will be by my side,
when my last breath I take?"

Unable to manipulate
The hands of time
He collapsed to his knees
Wishing to die

Shouting out vile, morose profanity
And pounding fists on the floor
This hellish reality
Darkening his soul

"I was stupid!"

"I lived so selfishly!"

"I thought the whole world
revolved around me!"

"Now that I'm old
with free time abundantly,
I have no one for which to spend it with,
not even a family!"

Listen to my words young folks
As you make your way into this world
Your life is but a scant moment
As through the annals of time you hurl

For no amount of money
Silver and gold
Can buy back lost memories
They cannot be retold

Kindness, compassion and love
Are the living threads of life
Bonding us together
They cannot be severed by knife

Take these words
With all sincerity
For you only have one life
One mark to leave

Treasure your time
Love fiercely, laugh out loud
So after you are gone
Your loved ones will be proud

"He was a good man,
he loved so passionately!
A heart the size of Texas
he gave freely to those in need!"

For when you cross over
It is already too late
Stay off of this doomed path
Or your life it will take

As he rose from the floor
With tear-filled eyes
He suddenly jolted awake
A startling surprise

It had all been a dream
He leapt from his bed
His soul was overjoyed
Emptied of all regret

Let this be a lesson
To those who live selfishly
Put others first
Let LOVE be your legacy

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