You should tell him

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"So girl you telling me this man showed up to your job"?
" Epiphany girl yes and he wanted me to go out to lunch with him".
"Girl it sounds like you have a stalker how the hell did he know where you worked and why is he asking about taking you to lunch when he has a whole woman"?
"To be honest girl I don't even think he cares about none of that" I gave the twins their lunches and continued talking to Epiphany.
"So when you going to tell Cre"? I sucked my teeth.
"I'm not telling that man nothing I got it under control. Cre is trigger happy I don't need our life in DC to be started by him catching a body".
Epiphany chuckled "Ro you my girl and I'm telling you , you need to tell your husband, because this could back fire in so many ways".
Just then Reggie comes into the kitchen "ma pops home"?
"Boy don't you see me on the phone and no why"? He blew off "nothing". He said and I knew my son was lying so I asked "Reggie tell me and I'll relay it to your dad".
"Tell me what"? Cre said coming out the kitchen must've came through the garage.
Reggie looked at me "ma you need to get off the phone because I need your undivided attention".
I grinned "girl let me call you back Reggie must've got in trouble at school today or something".
I hung up the phone and replied "alright boy speak" I said looking at him he was sweating like hell.
Cre looked at me and then back to Reggie "wassup son talk" .
He blew off and said "Angel is pregnant" I passed straight on out.

I was just waking up I was so exhausted from school and then practice . Picking up my phone I saw I had a few miss calls from Veronica . What Reggie said the other day he was right . Veronica had a whole nigga who she wasn't in no plans of leaving so why should I put all my energy in her.
There was this other girl one of my teammates put me on she played volleyball for the school and she was fine as hell. Her name was Kiya and what made her stand out from Veronica was that she was fine and single .

 The team was going to see the new Lion king as a turn up for us winning the game Friday

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The team was going to see the new Lion king as a turn up for us winning the game Friday. I knew some of the guys was taking their girl, so shit I texted Kiya see if she was down....

"Omg he asked me out" I squealed sitting on my bed. Not to sound like I was happy and thirty for him even though I was I waited four minutes before texting him back.
I texted him saying of course I'd go with him to the movies and then he told me to drop my address and he'd come pick me up.
After getting dress and was waiting on him I checked in my grandma . She was in her bed asleep, so there was no need in me waking her at all.
My grandmother raised me after my mom and dad got locked up together when I was two. There were both doing a lengthy sentence because my dad killed someone and my mother was in on the crime also.
My phone vibrated as I closed the door to my grandmothers room it was Rj letting me know he was outside and now my nerves was sky high.
The ride to the movies we talked about little simple stuff like life after school and why we both was single nothing to important. He was very easy to talk to I notice because by the time we got to the movie theater he knew basically my whole like story.
As we parked and got out the car I heard someone call Rj's name. Coming from behind me I turned and saw Veronica walking over. She must've knew his car or something That was something to find out on a later date.
Rj walked around the car and over to me before saying "wassup Veronica".
She looked from me to Rj confused and asked "y'all together"?
Rj replied "I mean nah this is just our first date" I smiled as he said date.
Veronica deep down was pissed, and as a female I know a fake smile when I see one. Why was she feeling some type of way when she had a nigga?
Rj wrapped his arms around my neck "where Zay we should be headed into the movies"?
"Um he isn't here yet I came over to ask if you knew where he was"?
Rj shrugged "last time he text me he told me everyone was waiting on my and Kiya so I assumed he was here".
Poor Veronica was crushed because at that moment me her and Rj knew what was really up. "Come on Rj lets go take a seat" I said pulling him away from Veronica she wasn't about to ruin my date with trying to talk to Rj not with this bitch around. She can just stand out here and wait on her cheating ass boyfriend by herself.

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