Chapter 5

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As Lily was sitting with her friends it was time for the owls to drop in all the mail. Lily didn't expect anything. After all she didn't really have family. That's when something had dropped in front of her.

"What's that?" Draco asked her. She shrugged her shoulders and picked up the card with it.

It contains your new Nimbus Two Thousand, but I don't want everybody knowing you've got a broomstick or they'll all want one. Marcus Flint will meet you tonight on the Quidditch field at seven o'clock for your first training session'

She smiled at the note. It had to be Snape who had gotten it for her. "What did you get?" Pansy asked trying to peep over her shoulder. Lily quickly hid the note and smiled at her friend.

"It's a surprise. Let's leave a bit early today. I wanna show you and Draco it. I also want to tell you guys something" Pansy nodded her head in agreement. After awhile the trio had left, Lily leaded them to the library and casted a privacy charm.

"Okay, What I'm about to tell you guys must be kept a secret"

"Lils, Of course we'll keep your secret. I'm a little hurt to think that you think we would tell someone" Draco said dramatically. Lily laughed at her friend knowing he was joking.

"Okay, now come on and tell us. I can't wait anymore" Pansy pleaded to the girl. Lily laughed yet again. "Okay, you remember when I got Neville's remembrall?" She asked the two. They shook their heads yes in response. "Well I got this broom as a gift" she said showing the two. They opened their mouths in shock, but quickly shut them. "I'm also the new seeker for the quidditch team" Lily told them. Draco opened his mouth and quickly shut it.

"That's amazing, Lily. I'm so proud, you're the first first gear to ever be on the quidditch team" Lily giggles at Draco's response and waited for Pansy.

"Draco's right Lils. Just be careful, okay?"

"Yes, Mother. I promise I won't get hurt" Lily giggled and Pansy playfully hit her arm. Lily then shrunk her broom and disabled the charm.

After what seemed like forever it was finally time for her first quidditch practice. Marcus introduced to her everyone on the team, but they were all annoyed by her. They didn't really talk much and were just rude if she said something. She wasn't surprised, after all she had stolen someone else's spot.

Flint then explained the game to her and what everyone's job one. She had one job, to catch the snitch.

"I'm going to release 10 snitches. You have an hour to find all of them, if you don't you're going to run the course and try not to get hit by the others" The others looked at the small girl and suppressed their laughter. Marcus has always been hard at practice, but he was expecting too much of her.

"Okay, thank you" the young girl said. The other members looked at her and were wondering why she had said thank you. She was about to be put through hell.

"Okay, get on your broom. When I say go you take off" He said as he started to release the snitches. "3....2....1....GO" he yelled, causing the girl to take off.

"Well, What are you guys doing?! Get to work" he yelled at the others. After he yelled at them, practice had went smooth. "I'm done!" Lily yelled to the older boy. She then flew over and handed him all the snitches. He looked at her shocked, he didn't expect her to find all of them. She even had fifteen minutes left. How the hell did this tiny,  little girl manage to catch all the snitches?

"We still have another hour left in practice. This time I'm going to set them loose in the obstacle field. We're going to be throwing balls around now, not really fast or hard, but if it hits you you'll be wobbly and might fall" Lily nodded her head in understanding and got on her broom. "3.....2......1....GO!" He yelled. Lily wouldn't be the only one doing this, all of the other players would do too. She was glad for the opportunity to be up against people that'll harm her.

She would need to learn at some point and experiencing it is the best way to find out. At the end of practice Lily was exhausted, everyone one had been hit by the bludgers at least once. Lily had almost fell off her broom, twice, but she was happy. As she walked to the changing room she was just smiling.

"Why are you so happy?" Flint asked the girl a little annoyed. Everyone was dead tired, but here she was, the littlest one out of all of them, smiling.

"I learned so much about quidditch today, the sport that my father had loved so much. It was fun doing it with everyone" The small girl said shocking the whole team. They had been rude the whole time, yet she was happy? She had been hit on purpose too.

"Why?" Flint asked, confusing the girl. "What do you mean?" She asked him.

"Why are you so happy? What's wrong with you?! We were hitting you on purpose" Flint yelled, the other members looked at him. They were surprised to see their captain like this. Lily on the other hand couldn't understand his sudden outburst and why he didn't like her.

"I know you were all against me. I know you all hate me, but I don't care. I grew up with everyone hating me, so this isn't that big of a deal. I'm happy because this is the sport my dad loved and I am getting to experience it. I still don't understand what I did to any of you. I don't care that I am the-girl-who-lived. I was a baby when Voldemort went away" She explained making all of them gasp at the name of the dark lord, but she didn't care. He was not about to ruin her good mood.

After she left the team shocked, she went to the locker room and quickly changed. Afterwards she hurried to her room to shower and joined her friends at dinner.

"How was it?" Draco asked excitedly, wanting to hear each and every detail.

"How was what?" Theo asked curiously. "She had to finish writing the paper for potions" Pansy quickly covered up. Lily laughed at her friends, happy to be around people who didn't hate her and that didn't want to harm her.

"It went wonderfully. It was a bit tough, but after awhile I got the hang of it"

"That's great, but I want you to go into detail later" Draco said excitedly. Everyone, but Draco and Pansy were confused.

"I would love too"

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