"That's where my next point begins...Shoto"

The boy was staring at Kurogiri with full interest now, of course he would do what he needed to get her back. It didn't really matter if the league agreed or not- but his plans WOULD go more smoothly if they did.

"If we allow you to get her then you must listen, if you run away for a single moment or abandon us we'll kill her"


"Not a problem? That's why I've already discussed with All For One. Not only will we kill her but your quirks will be taken away from you, and you'll be locked in a room and kept in perfect condititon"

Shoto flinched back and instantly Kurogiri knew he hit the boys weak spot. It wasn't hard to figure out that the boy would do anything to get his hands on the girl. He had also realized how dying wasn't a problem in his book.

"Seeing your reaction was enough of an answer for me"

Tomura was smiling behind Kurogiri, finally being able to see Shoto begin to tremble thinking about the consequences of trying to leave. He was finally around their fingers.

"But don't worry"

Kurogiri cut in, once again making all the eyes in the room focus on him.

"If you DO manage to get her, and you don't cross us there will be nothing for you to lose in fact... I can assure you that after this both Toga and Dabi will no longer be needed"

Tomura watched as a smile once again had made its way onto Shoto's face. If Dabi was gone that meant there would be no one willing to get in the way of them. After all Tomura wouldn't act on his own accord- not to mention Kurogiri didn't care for anything about the girl.

'She'll finally be mine...just mine but-'

"Are we clear?"

Kurogiri spoke, looking at Shoto's face looking for the final answer he was trying to receive. 


Shoto replied, sticking his hand out for Kurogiri to take. Though it really didn't mean anything, it would only try and push more luck onto the younger males side. Hoping they would trust him more before the mission took place.

'I don't know if I'm willing to wait that long for her'

Both other males exited the room, leaving only Shoto in the empty space that was once full. He licked his lips reaching into his pocket and pulling out a phone- [F/n]'s phone.

'The only thing I now have...'

He thought, looking down at the object sadly. It was a shame that his brother had to get in the way of true love- and couldn't just let him be happy. He heard a small crack and looked down to see the tight grip he held on it put a small crack in the screen.

'Calling me Enji...that bastard. He's only upset because he can never have what we have'

His eyes began to become glazed over, making his way to his bedroom. He threw the door open, but continued to close it more quietly. He pushed his bed over to the side swiftly- not wanting to waste a single moment.

'No one can ever have what we have'

He threw himself down the stairs, bolting to get up and begin the process of melting the ice. He could almost feel how close she was to him at that very moment. He watched as his flames began to melt the ice he had once put up, oh the memories he had there.

"Why can't you just accept that I'll never let you go?"

He questioned to no one, making more flames to speed up the process. By now he was walking down the hallway at a slow pace as he continued to melt only a tunnel for him to walk through. The moment he made it to the familiar door he felt his heart begin to beat more viciously than before.

"I see..."

'My love!'

Shoto screamed in his mind, hearing the familiar melodic voice he could never get sick of hearing. He pressed his hand against the hatch, wanting her to open it so both of them could see each other once again.

"I-I'm an idiot Suki! I-I'm so s-sorry"

Shoto flinched back, hearing the familiar, yet disgusting, name spill through her mouth.


He thought, controlling the urge to go up and burn the man alive. They had needed him though, or the league at least, and he had to stay on their good side for a bit. After all it was the only way to get the girl to be with him.

"No I'm sorry...I'm sorry for being too weak to protect you"

'That's right...you're weak- nothing but trash.'

Shoto told himself, if only he had some sort of controlling quirk instead. Maybe then he'd be able to tell the annoying male to finally off himself. To end his own life in the most cruel and painful way possible.


He couldn't take it anymore, but sadly...a part of him couldn't allow himself to go up there. So instead he pressed his forehead against the hatch, seeing it as the best way to get close to her. He wasn't going to let anyone get in the way- not anymore.

"I'll save you..."

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