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Slowly the room calmed down and I could finally relax.

Calum supervised as the nurses cut her umbilical cord and put her in a diaper.

Slowly Calum carried her back to me, wrapped in a blanket with nothing but a diaper, a little hat and hand mittens on.

I took her into my arm, looking to her sleeping face.

"Birth certificate time" a nurse smiled as she entered with the computer.

"Okay, name" she spoke, making all the boys look to me- they were more than excited

I had refused to tell them the name I had in mind, just to surprise them

"Cayden May Hood" I spoke, looking to her little face and features.

"That's beautiful" Luke spoke, kissing my head as he focused to the baby, touching her little hand.

The nurse filled out all of her information, printing her certificate and putting it into a folder with other papers that I would need to keep.

Soon a nurse came in with my mom, the boys left to go watch Brantley and talk go Macey.

They explained breastfeeding and showed me everything and how to do it.

"Is she biting?" My mom asked as nurses assisted in trying to make her eat.

"Is she supposed to bite?" I asked, praying that she wasn't supposed to bite

"No, she should just suck" a nurse spoke, helping me situate her until she stopped.

"Okay- she's eating" I announced after a moment

It wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world, but as long as she didn't bite my nipple, I wouldn't have a problem with it.

It ended up being just me and my mom, who watched silently as I looked down to my babygirl.

My babygirl.

"Are you sore?" She asked me quietly.

"I'm still a little numb" I spoke, seeing her nod lightly.

"She's beautiful" my mom spoke, making me smile.

"Thank you" I whispered, touching the little hairs on her head.

After a few minutes my mom helped me burp her before just holding her, rocking her lightly.

"You're going to be a great mother" she smiled, rubbing my knee gently.

Before I could respond I saw Brantley run in

"Casey!" He yelled out, immediately earning several shushes from Calum and mom, but making me laugh.

"Why are you awake, it's late" I spoke as he ran to me, smiling innocently.

"Daddy told me the baby was here" he spoke, getting on his toes to look at her.

Calum helped get him in bed with me, where he helped Brantley hold the baby as I kept my arm around Brantley, watching his reaction

He stared to her silently, holding her so gently- as if he was scared that he would hurt her.

"What do you think, little man?" Calum asked, making Brantley look away from her before looking right back to her.

"I like her" he whispered.

I smiled, kissing his head gently, feeling him lean onto me lightly.

"Let's lay Cayden down and let's all get some rest- especially Casey, she's got some medicine in her system and I'm sure she's overly exhausted" Calum spoke, carefully taking Cayden from him, bringing her to a little bed the nurses had brought for her to sleep in.

"Can I stay with you?" Brantley asked.

"Yeah, of course" I spoke, lifting the sheets, feeling him slowly climb under.

I felt his head hit my chest, and I closed my eyes while holding his body close to me

Life couldn't be any better

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