Love on the Beach

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and now I present you with chapter one of Love on the Beach.



Lexi's POV

Donna and I were just sitting on stools inside Pamela's coffee a local coffee/café kind of thing, sipping a coffee, talking about some TV show on MTV.

"Is that Mark???"" donna asked looked like she knew something that I didn't. Mark is or was my boyfriend. When I looked over there all I saw was him and Angie sitting sipping coffee and laughing. I was not the jealous type much. So I though some about it but not a lot, until Mark went over and kissed her.

"Did you see that..."I asked sadly. It hurts a lot knowing that my boyfriend cheated on me, no it didn't hurt it was more of a burn. I could feel the tears starting to cloud up in my eyes. Donna saw me and started to comfort me.

She got up and walked over and started yelling and pointing at him and me. His mouth dropped when he saw me. Donna slapped him in the face and walked away and back to me."What did you say?" I asked, trying to hide the sadness and hurt in my voice.

"Well I pretty much told him off and told him what he was missing.", she's the best. "Lets get out of here, I gotta go at 2" I suggested. "Aw, I forgot you were leaving today, if you are leaving at 2 then we only have like an half an hour" she whined. "Lets go to the beach" "hmm how about we wander around the park since its closer." "Sure" and with that we were off.

At the park, we only saw like five other people, so it was pretty empty. We started walking on the path and talking about how we were going to stay in touch with me being gone in California for the whole summer. California is so much different then Michigan. Michigan's summers were warm but nothing compared to California.

We arrived at my house five minutes early so I could start packing my bags in my parents car. Once we got into the airport, I get my own car from, Alamo. [a/n: Alamo is a car rental place.] "promise to text me every day" she requested. "Don't worry, I might text you on the plane" I lied, I knew I wouldn't text her on the plane because I listen to music and sleep on plane I don't text. " okay I am gonna miss you" she gushed. "You too" I said, and with that we drove away leaving Donna behind. This summer was really gonna suck.


Darryl's POV


This summer officially sucks. I got caught cheating in school so in about three weeks from now I will have served my grounding, which was originally three months. I there is one thing I hated more than being grounded, was summer. Most people are all giddy and excited for school to end, me, I hate it because all I do is sit around doing nothing but, sitting on the beach being a lifeguard at the beach. So my summer pretty much is at the beach.

I look over and see my best friend Russ coming over towards me with an excited grin on his face. "What's up, man." I asked trying to calm him down. "Guess who just got Michigan State University." he said cheerfully, MSU that's a good college. "Seriously, that's great but that's across the country. California to Michigan is like a really far away." I said, I was happy for him but I was gonna miss him too. "Yeah, I know, but that is a really great school and I can't pass up this opportunity" he said, he was right. "Where are you going?" he asked. I knew I wouldn't make it in MSU unless I got a scholarship for football. "I don't know yet." I said blandly, I really didn't know where I was going, I was offered by M of U, Florida state, and Ohio state. "When does your shift start?" he asked. "In like 15 minutes, what about you?" I asked, looking down at my Iphone.

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