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A nurse counted loudly to ten throughout all of my pushes- which was like going through actual hell.

I didn't feel much- but putting all your strength into pushing at three in the morning was not ideal.

"Why isn't the on call doctor coming" I heard a nurse by my legs yell as I continued to push, feeling Calum wiping my forehead with a cold rag.

"Okay, take a rest" the counting nurse yelled, allowing me to actually breathe for a moment.

"How far is the baby?" Calum spoke out quickly as we all looked to all of the concerned faces in the room.

"Maybe an inch from crowning" one spoke and I saw the panic spread through Calum's face.

"I'll deliver- page Ashton and the on call doctor 911, let's move quick- the baby is going to lose airway" Calum sprung into action.

The whole mood of the room shifted dramatically, Luke held me close to him as nurses came all by my sides, Michael held my head gently.

"You're a general surgeon-" "Casey I'm trained in birth for emergencies, I need you to trust me, I'm going to catch your babygirl, but you need to push" he spoke, snapping on gloves.

I looked to Luke, seeing him nod with a smile

"We have you, Casey"

A nurse started counting, and I started pushing again, squeezing Luke's shirt and the bed rail.

Michael and nurses supported me, holding my legs and wiping my head and tears that were falling freely.

"Three more pushes, Casey" Calum's voice spoke as the nurses counted me straight into another push.

"I see the head" a nurse announced loudly.

I focused on the counting- waiting for the moment that I could finally breath again.

"You're doing so amazing, keep going Casey" Luke spoke, supporting my head.

"Stop pushing" I heard Calum say just as Ashton ran in, running beside him and together, they both assisted in pulling my crying baby from me, Ashton immediately laying her on my chest, where I immediately started crying.

"Look at how beautiful" Luke spoke as I felt nurses wiping her down, my own hand grabbing her tiny fingers, feeling her squeezing my finger as she cried out.

Calum came to my side, looking to the baby with Luke, my focus on nothing but the baby.

My baby

My blood

My life

My body.

I watched as Calum's hand rubbed over her head, a smile never leaving his face

"Welcome to the world, pretty girl"

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