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It was now midnight, Ashton was running between me and the other woman, and I was actually dying.

I was at seven centimeters, she was at nine and the suspense of when she would have her baby was killing me.

My child is not coming out until Ashton is in the room.

"I'm nervous" I spoke to Calum, holding the bed firmly.

"Don't be, I'm not going to let anything bad happen" he spoke, kissing my head.

Soon a contraction hit, making me immediately turn onto my side, squeezing the bed railing and Calum's hand.

I felt my mom rubbing my back- actually supporting me through this, which was a surprise.

"This is hell" I cried out, praying that it would end.

"Imagine having twins" my moms voice spoke- not helping the situation much.

Once it was over my dilation was checked again and a nurse stood quickly

"She's at eight, she can get an epidural" she announced.

"Do you want it-" "hell yes."

They paged Ashton, who ran in- flustered.

"Are you sure, Casey- think about this-" "I want it." I almost yelled out.

I felt like there was a demon coming out of me, I wanted nothing but relief.

After about five minutes of solid hell and pain, I held Calum, feeling the pain of the needle sliding into my back.

Within seconds I went numb and I heard a solid clap from behind me

"Now we relax"

Ashton sat with me for a good hour, taking Calum's spot as he went to spend a few minutes with Brantley.

"Doctor Irwin, Mrs.Martha is crowning" he almost ran out of the room, Luke taking his spot in holding me.

"How's everything feel?" Luke asked tiredly.

These boys hadn't got any sleep, I knew they were probably just as miserable as me.

"I'm tired" I spoke as he pushed hair behind my ear.

"Try and sleep" he spoke.

"Easier said than done" I spoke, making him immediately laugh.

Soon a nurse checked and I saw her eyes widen

"You're at ten- we have to start pushing" she spoke just as Calum entered

"Go get Ashton" I panicked as Calum ran to the opposite side that Luke was on.

"Look, you push for a few minutes before the doctor needs to be here, they're paging him, but you have to start pushing or the baby will go into distress, I'm not going to let anything happen to you, trust me Casey."

Therefore, I started pushing

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