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Dante's pov

I was scrolling through Instagram, when I saw Y/N's post, seems like she was hanging with the Stranger Things cast. I liked it and read the caption, "I might have fallen in love with one of them". Who can y/n be talking about? I scrolled through the photos and saw a photo of her/him and Finn. Maybe she/he has fallen for him. God I fell like crying, but why? I don't have feelings for Y/N right? I probably do, I can't get my mind off of her/him. I mean grace is such a amazing, beautiful, and wonderful person but I just don't really feel a connection with her. Maybe I do like Y/N still maybe even in love. But I'm to late right? She/he's probably dating Finn. God damn it, I should have just told her I felt when she/he asked me that "stupid" question.

*the day Dante and Y/N were texting*

I was just chilling on my bed, when my phone vibrates. I see Y/N's name pop up. She/he had question to ask me, I felt happy y/n was texting me. I missed talking with her/him. I had this strange feeling she/he was going to ask me something that had related to us. So I told her/him how I felt about grace, I 100% wish I hadn't. I miss her

Y/N's pov

Should I tell finn? I was hanging out with the ST cast again, I had fun with them. They're amazing. I don't know if I should tell finn. I mean I'm not 100% sure, maybe I'm just feeling this to get over Dante? Who knows right?

So when I posted that A\N it was 4: something am from where I live, so I basically did post later 😎 but should Y/N tell finn? Or should Dante shoot his shot again??

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