Shinobi: Hebijo

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(Y/N) was looking outside from his dented window and see that no one very suspicious was outside of his property and gives a small sigh of relief. For like a few days, he thought he was being watched and thought it was just him. He then continued to accomplish his task with the Encyclopedia and turns into the last faction of the Shinobi class. 

(Y/N): Alright, let's do this. 

He turns to the next page to reveal the next girl.

He turns to the next page to reveal the next girl

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Name: Miyabi

Age: 21

Faction: Hebijo Academy

Blood Type: B

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Yellow

Height: 5'6

Bust: 90 cm

Cup Size: G

Waist: 56 cm

Hip: 87 cm

Animal Guardians: Crow and Serpent

Hobby: Bathing

Favorite Food: Egg Rice Bowl

Personality: Miyabi is really hard working and would train every day with so much pride and has true confidence. But despite of always being serious, she is very caring for those that are close to her.

Weapon: Katana

Backstory: Miyabi comes from a family line of Evil Shinobi and the same goes for her childhood friend, Imu. When they were still children, they always dreamed of what it's like and what it truly means to be a Shinobi. Their desire of knowing about it made them create a game called "Ninja." 

(Y/N): Hmm...not  a bad name for a game. 

But on one fateful night, the two girls would venture off into the woods with some weapons that they borrowed from Miyabi's father, even though they have been warned several times to not go into the woods. So during the middle of their game of "Ninja", they were suddenly attacked by a Yoma. 

(Y/N) silently gulped and prepared himself as he continues on. 

Before the beast could kill the girls, Miyabi's mother stepped in to save them but she couldn't stand a chance against it. Then the very image that have scared Miyabi for the rest of her life is that the Yoma brutally crushed her mother's head right before her own eyes.

(Y/N) could did was covering his mouth with his hand as he gasped in shock and horror of what happened to her mother.

From that very sight, she believed it was also the end for her, but her father came to her rescue and finished it off. For her to become much stronger, she enrolled into her father's school, Hebijo Academy, and would later become an elite after a couple years of training. But on one mission, she, Imu, and many of their classmates were to take of care of good Shinobi, but they would be interrupted by a Yoma. They out of pure rage driven by vengeance, Miyabi used a forbidden Ninja Art called "Blood Riot". But her own major flaw is that she lost control of her power and except of her and Imu being the sole survivors of the mission, she lost her memories.

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