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"why you up so early vic ?" cyrus asks while he throws in his sweater, getting ready to leave

"couldn't sleep, cramps" i lie about the couldn't sleep part but i actually did have cramps and hold my stomach and he nods

"damm, i'll bring you something when i get back ok ?"

"yeah, thank you, i might try to go back to sleep" i fake yawn

"gotchu, i love you, there's money on my card if you gotta order anything" he points to his credit card that sat on the little table in the living room

"i love you too" he kisses my cheek before walking out

if i'm being honest, deep down, he's a sweetheart, he just lets his anger get the best of him.

the first thing i do is turn my location off and then look up how to disable the cameras. it was actually way easier than i would've expected it to be.

i opened cyrus's closet and pull out his football duffel bag and empty out his stuff that was inside, immediately opening my drawers and emptying them all out.

i check the time in my phone to see it was only 6:07 but i mean, the faster i get out of here, the better.

after calling a uber, i ran into the bathroom, taking my hygienic products and making sure i wasn't forgetting anything.

i called the uber to pick me up a couple blocks down because i wanted to go to the small supermarket a couple blocks down and buy a pack of advil.

before i left, i grabbed the credit card and took a couple hundreds out of cyrus's little secret money stash which wasn't really a secret since it was basically in clear sight.

as i get closer to the supermarket and farther away from the house i instantly feel relieved.

after i grab three different packs of pain relief pills, i approach the first empty express isle i saw where i quickly handed the cashier the credit card.

as i walked towards the door my heart practically dropped to my ass when i heard that voice that i knew so very well.

"victoria ?"

a/n- wow was that a c-cliffhanger ?

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