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You slowly open your eyes, it was not too bright out, like the sun was still on its way to the sky. You didn't want to move, it was to comfortable. Looking up, your met with red and black ears, as alastor sleeps under you.
You almost forgot that he stayed over.
You just snuggle back into place, but you hear him start to wake up. His eyes fall on you as they open, and you gaze back into the red orbs.
" Well good morning my dear, did you sleep well? " He asks, cracking his neck.
" Yeah, your comfortable to sleep on. " You say, resting your head on his chest. He smiles and pets your head.
" I'm not a dog. " You protest.
He gives a light chuckle. " No your not. Your a little cat. " He says.
You giggle and sit up, back cracking in the process.
" MH. " That really hurt.
" Are you alright dear? " He asks, a bit worried. You nod your head and give a faint smile.
" Such a beautiful smile... " Alastor thinks looking at you.
You get your suitcase and pull out a change of clothes, and walk into the bathroom to get dressed while alastor puts on his shoes and coat, a bit upset knowing what's going to be happening soon.
You walk out wearing a dark yellow sweater with a pare of brown slacks with suspenders.

You put your beanie on and walk out of the bathroom, and alastor stands up seeing you

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You put your beanie on and walk out of the bathroom, and alastor stands up seeing you.
" My my! " He says, circling around you. Your cheeks turn a shade of red as he says this.
" Alastor, why are your circling me like I'm your prey? " You ask.
" Because... YOU ARE! " he yells as he tackles you on the bed. You laugh and look up, he was on top of you, and your cheeks turn bright red, and it seems his do the same.
" Hehe... Hi? " He asks, looking down at you. You giggle and tap his nose.
" Cute. " You say. He gets up and looks the other way.
"No! " He says, crossing his arms.
You smile and get up.
" Well... The next train leaves in about 30 minutes. I think I should be going. " You say sadly, picking up your bag.
" Hold on (y/n) " He says, holding your hand. " I said I would come to the train station with you yesterday, and I am a man of my word. " He say.
You smile and squeeze his hand.
" Ok.. " You whisper.
He smiles at you, and you both walk out the door to the train station.
It was odd, now that you were holding alastors hand in public, demons gave you odd looks. Maybe they think you and al are a thing? No, he would never want to do that with you... Or maybe he would?
You get to the train station on time and see people are already boarding.
Some see alastor and run on the train, thinking he was going to eat someone.
You stayed behind until the train was about to take off.
You look up at alastor, he has a look of sadness in his eyes. Does he really not want you to leave?
" My dear... I-i think it is time for you to board the train.. " He says quietly, squeezing your hand.
" Al... " You say setting your suitcase down, taking his other hand.
" It's going to be ok... We'll see each other again.. This is not the end. " You say, a tear rolling down your cheek.
Alastor sets a hand on your cheek and wipes your tears away, you lean into his touch.
You turn around, someone called out that the train was taking off in one minute.
You look up to alastor and motion him to go to your level. He does and you give him a quick kiss on the cheek.
" Good bye alastor... I hope you write soon.. " You say, turning around and quickly going on the train. You get to your cart and sit down. Looking out the window, you could see alastor running up to your window.
You smile and open the window, sticking your head out.
" Well, you never let me give you the first kiss! " He says, grabbing the window and pulling himself up to you, kissing you on the lips, which caught you by surprise, your bone white skin going pink.
He pulls away as the train slowly moves, jumping down. You look at him, the train picks up speed.
Alastor shifts into a deer and runs after the train as it takes off he was fast.
" I love you alastor, goodbye! " You call out to him, closing the window. His smile grows wider as he slows down, letting your train go off into the distance.
" I love you to my dear (y/n)... ~"
He whispers, going back to his normal form, and walking back.
For alastor, now that he knows what it's like to be in love, it's hard to say good bye. The two things that made him happy were when you got back, you would be well and healthy, and that when you did return, you would be all his.
You sat in the train, looking out the window and watching the train station disappear over the horizon.
You sat down as tears went down your face. Digging around in your suitcase, you grab the photo you took of alastor looking at your and his picture.
You smile, already missing him. You hug the photo to your chest and lean on the window, watching as you road through the forest, seeing a red River their too.
You spot a deer and think of alastor. Think of your dear.
It's like just with that one kiss he was stuck in your mind.
But you didn't mind that, you just wish he was here with you. You rest your head on the cold window and close your eyes, hoping that time would pass by if you slept.
And yes, you dreamt of you and alastor, silly love birds.

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