Chapter 1

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It wasn't easy being Alice Campbell, especially when Dean Collins lives on the same universe as you. I was so done with him and so ready to show myself that I had reached my limit that I made a promise to myself: Not losing control the next time I would see him. I wouldn't, for sure, be hit by his mean words once again.

The day began in New York: sunny and happy; for some reason, I saw on the weather a sigh of change and hope.

I woke up early, but my body didn't want to move. Those silent and lonely moments were all I needed. Some minutes went by and I heard two knocks on my bedroom door before it being opened. I looked at its direction and saw Megan coming in on her full and usual grace. She walked towards the double windows, opened them at the same time, letting the breeze of the morning invade my room.

"You woke up early, Alice." Commented, while she walked in my bed's direction and pulled my blankets violently away from my warm body.

I sighed, not for her presence, but because of the idea that I had to get up once and for all now. I had so much stuff to do and the day was just starting. Megan turned to me with a leather jacket on her hands and a huge smile on her lips. This was her favorite hobby: Play doll with me.

"Morning, sweetie!" My mom yelled, opening my bedroom door slightly and getting her head inside.

"Hi, mom." I answered.

She came in and closed the door behind her, joining my best friend on her mission to find the "perfect outfit" for the day.

Minutes went by and, finally, they chose a white shirt (without even asking my opinion). When mom approached my closed, the bedroom door opened violently and my little brother appeared, running, with his brown hair all messed and without a shirt.

"Mommy! Mommy!"

"Simon, please, stop running." Mom asked, calm as always, while she kneeled to get on his level and tried to fix his messy hair.

Simon was a good brother. Annoying as hell, but every younger brother is like that.

"Did you sleep well, bro?" I asked while Megan raised her hand, waiting for a high five from the 6-year-old.

"Meh. I'm hungry."

I laughed. I had no idea how such a small person could be hungry all the time.

"C' mon." Mom held Simon and started leaving the room. "Breakfast is ready downstairs. Your dad is already waiting."

After a bit, Megan and I joined the rest of the family downstairs.

The conversations were always the same, but I loved it.

"Abigail is waiting in the car." I warned, after reading the text my work colleague sent me.

I got up as fast and I could and left the house, giving a quick kiss in each of my family's heads. I ran downstairs, almost banging my head on the main door when I tried to open it, listening to a joyful laugh right after.

Abigail and I got in the patrol car and drove to the Police Department in the center of the city.

We were in the lunchroom eating our donuts and drinking our coffee while some random singer sang through the radio. Matthew and Noah were the only ones that arrived at the same time as us, so we usually stayed there talking while the rest of the people didn't appear.

I heard the fax machine being activated and made a sigh at Abigail for her to follow me. We both left, still trying to guess who and how would be the new lieutenant that would replace Rosie when Collins entered the scene. In a matter of seconds, I lost control of my own feet and fell right with my face on the floor, spilling all the coffee I had on the plastic cup. A giggle was heard and I raised my head. There he was: Mister Blue Eyes, master of sarcasm, right in front of me. Instead of being gentle and trying to help me, as a normal and decent person would do, he crossed his arms, watching every movement while Abigail helped me get up.

"I don't know why you still surprise me, Campbell." He laughed almost diabolically...or so I heard.

...Idiot. Demon. Enough with promises I know I won't keep: I hate that man with every cell of my being.

Dean smiled at me once more before turning around and leaving in the direction of his table. As if we were in a movie, Matthew and Noah appeared behind us in the perfect timing.

"What happened?"

"Look at her. Collins happened."

Noah just rolled his eyes. He knew Dean and his brother, Logan, better than anyone else. They have been friends for a long time (even though I can't figure out who can someone be friends with someone as haughty as Dean Collins) and he could understand the frustrations I went by with Dean. 

Talking about Logan: He is the exact opposite of Dean. They are like fire and water, the ocean and the sky. While Dean is rude, quarrelsome, a total womanizer; Logan is pacific, polite and bright. 

"I swear one day I will put him in his place." Abigail mumbled while crossing her arms.

"He isn't a bad guy." Noah commented and I stared at him, extremely annoyed. "Yeah, he got a bad temper must of the days, but he has a good heart."

I ran my hands on my face and sighed after cleaning the whole floor. I just waiting for the day Collins would mess up so bad they would expel him or would do so great that he would be transferred somewhere else so I would never need to see him. 

I felt my heart skip a bit when all the heads turned in our direction as soon as we went through the glass doors. No, they weren't looking at me. They were staring at Abigail and the grace of her every move. I sighed and raised my head. I love her, but isn't it enough to hear Dean saying she is better than me in everything? Now all the chamber needed to agree with him? We said and quick goodbye and each one of us carried our way to our tables. I turned the PC on and started analyzing the registers of last week. Ten minutes quickly went by and I could still feel everyone's eyes kind of in my direction because Abigail's table was right next to mine. 

Rosie Macaulay entered the room in silence, but her presence was surely felt because all the heads that were staring at Abigail quickly turned to their computers. As the lieutenant, her presence was slightly threatening, which caused a chain reaction of respect and fear in everyone around her, excluding Collins, that entered the chamber right after Macaulay as if she was just another officer or detective in there. 

Macaulay looked at him, trying to be discreet, over her shoulder, but quickly kept her way to her office, rolling her eyes when hers met the detective's that raised a defiant eyebrow. Both went inside the office and sat down, talking. It looked important and I asked to any superior being that it was really bad and he would disappear from my life once and for all. 

Half an hour went by when Collins left her office and went to his table, next to Hayden. 

Eventually, I went to the bathroom. I took the chance to look myself in the mirror and check my hair and my clothes before leaving and head to my table. For the biggest misfortune in the world, I found Collins leaning against the coffee machine and felt his eyes following me while he drank his stupid coffee on his stupid blue mug. 

Come on Alice...Ignore him...Just ignore him...

"Okay, I'm done." I turned around and walked in his direction, pointing my finger on his face. "What is your bloody problem?!"

"You are my bloody problem, Campbell." 

I froze. I wanted to answer, but my brain, my mouth, and even my finger didn't want to work. 

I always thought Collins had a problem with me and not that I was the problem itself. 

Was it because I was the only on that never melted with his hypnotic eyes? No...Abigail didn't surrender to his charm ever and he didn't talk to her the way he talked to me. 

Let's be honest.

I may be Collins' problem, but he surely, in some way, is my problem too.

"Fuck you, Collins." I whispered.

His eyes, that were staring at mine, raised a bit and focused at some point behind me. I looked in its direction, finding the lieutenant staring at us, arms crossed.

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