"And that is killing you" SirZechs ended. Shane looked at the three faction leaders in complete shock. However, the feeling of betrayal started to settle into his mind.

"So this is how it's going to be. After everything we've been through, you're going to kill me off like I never mattered." Shane spoke with anger rising.

"You said it yourself" Ravel commented, Irina finished her sentence off that made Shane snap.

"You were nothing before Venom came along"

Shane's heart broke, all this time he was slowly wanting to spend his life with Irina, and she betrays him along with Venom. Shane couldn't wrap his mind around it, nor did he want to.

"So you're sure about this?" Shane asked everyone. They all started to get into a battle stance. Shane sighed in annoyance. However, with all these feelings of anger and betrayal filling his mind, his magical power rose to an ungodly level.

His eyes glowed a pure blood red, while white tissue grew on his body.

"Fine then," he started, but he took a deep breath while looking at his former friends and mentors. And as deadly as someone could sound, the next few words sent a complete shiver down everyone's spine.

"I'll take you all on"

Present Time

Shane woke up from his bed, heavily breathing and covered in his own sweat.

"What the hell?" He asked himself and looked at the clock on his nightstand.

Two in the morning, it read.

Shane sighed and threw the covers off of him. He knew he wasn't going back to sleep after that kind of nightmare. It also happened to be a school night as well, so that didnt help either.

He decided to go to his kitchen to fix up some warm milk.

"Why would they turn against me? And I am the cause of all of their deaths?" Shane asked worriedly, even though it was a nightmare, it felt surreal.

"I've been having these very frequently and I do not know why" Shane said to himself while fixing a glass, he then put it in the microwave. He didnt want to boil it. That's too much time wasted. He kept tapping the counter rapidly while thinking what possibly could have happened for them to do that. While he was thinking, someone very familiar turned the corner to see what was happening.

"Another nightmare?" Venom asked, he was formed in the 'She Venom'. Shane looked over to see him and sighed,

"Yeah, been having quite a few of them"

"You've been having them for a very long time, ever since we first shown our power. I suppressed them" Venom responded. Shane looked at him like he was crazy.

"You can do that?" He asked.

"I could've taken over your entire body and do whatever I truly desired. Of course I can. Irina has had a few too, but I was able to calm her down."

"Oh" Shane answered. He wondered why she was having them too. Maybe they were very similar to his, he thought.

Venom saw his former host looking very distraught. He smirked and decided to mess with him to put him in a better mood.

"Hey Shane" Venom started to get his attention.

"Yeah?" He replied not looking at the symbiote. He got his cup from the microwave and grabbed a few oreos as well.

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