Chapter 29-The Pool

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Salt water splashes against my ankles as I listen to Peyton talk about her store front on the harbor.

It wasn't much of a suprise to me I found out Nick used to work for the council of supernatural affairs. What surprised me, and concerns me more, is Nick's new benefactor in the afterlife.

"Well, it was so nice to meet you," I say before we step off together.

Peyton slaps Joel's back. "Of course!" she laughs. She flicks the paper Nick handed her. "We'll find these troublemakers in no time."

"Thanks for your help," I tell her while helping the kids off the boat.

Joel, her business partner, mutters something to Nick while pulling in the motorboat they took us for a ride on.

Peyton's already walking up the dock. We follow the string lights attached to the little yacht club building meeting her at the top. Jax and Willow hold onto my hands as we walk over the bridge and look down into the harbour.

Once we make it to the parking up top, Peyton says goodnight and we wait for Nick up by the car.

I tell the kids to get inside the sedan seeing Nick and a familiar face walk up to us.

It's strange. The two of them. I'm not sure where Joel went, but Viktor and him may as well be brothers. The two of them look similiar, Joel could pass as the older brother.

Nick comes to my side. "Everything is done."

Viktor plucks the collar of his black polo shirt. He looks skyward, then checks his watch as if having somewhere else to be.

There's a tacky pattern design on his socks. They're exposed by his flood pants; pumpkins and skeletons, fitting for the mayor of Hegley Hallow I think.

He digs for something in his pocket. Nick clicks his tongue when he watches the faery hand me a small pouch.

I open it a little, finding a pile of candy corn tucked inside.

"Candy?" Nick says dryly.

"For your troubles. My kids make them in the other realm," I squeeze Nick's arm tighter when the strange man's piercing orange eyes land on me. "Elaine needs a good friend. I'm sure you two will get along just fine," he says slowly.

My smile turns stiff. "I'm sure we will."

Suddenly, smoldering fire burns with life beneath his feet. A moment later, he disappears along with his wolf-like grin.

"Annoying, isn't he?" Nick remarks.

"Yes, but I'm starting to see why you two have become such friends."

"Why?" Nick asks while getting in the car.

"You both are creepy," I joke, but is it really a joke?

"I think you are too sometimes."

"Really?" I giggle.

The only reason I don't find Nick so strange and scary...okay nevermind. I still think he is those things, but I guess I'm more used to him now.

"Well, not really..." Nick begins while I buckle up. He turns on the headlights and we start out onto the road. "Did you get a read on their auras?"

"Yes, Peyton's defenitly human. I'm not sure about Joel though. I mean, it was yellow, but there was some green too."

"Green? What's that mean?"

"Nothing, I'm only kidding."


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