12 - Too Late

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The Narrator

A frog by the side of the jungle trail croaked in excitement after it caught sight of a fly. Using its tongue, it tried to capture that fly, but the fly seemed smarter.

The insect lingered by a flower for a while, before buzzing across the trail to the other side.

The hungry amphibian hopped towards the other side of the trail, carefully making sure not to alert the cunning fly.

Beep! Beeeeeep!

The frog was stunned when it saw a big animal approaching it. It stood there without moving. It didn't know what to do. It never saw such a mammal in the whole of the jungle: an animal that didn't walk by moving its legs like how ordinary animals moved their legs; instead, that animal's legs were round, spinning whenever the animal locomoted.

Before the frog was able to hop out of the mysterious creature's way, the wheels of the speeding jeep smashed it into a paste.

Sergio's eyes kept alternating between the speedometer, the fuel level indicator, and the windshield as the vehicle charged like a raging bull that sought to trample the closest living creature in proximity to it. His feet were firmly placed on the pedal. He wanted to be able to drop Michael and Christina at Roboré, as soon as possible, so that he could return to the camp where the children were left alone, with Rodriguez, after dropping Michael and Christina.

"It'll all be fine, Michael. Don't worry," said Christina Seagale as she placed her hand on his shoulder. Gallagher was disturbed. He was worried about his passport, which he thought he left in his hotel room back in La Paz. "We'll find it. You're just stressing too much."

"It's just without that passport, I'm locked out of my life. Christina, my entire life is in America. I'm Irish, but my entire family is in the United States."

"Don't worry, we can inform Border Control, and they'll figure out a way for you to enter if we don't find the passport," Christian assured.

 "You don't understand. Trump's regulations have made it hard for people to enter the United States. The borders are severely vetted. The last thing I want is to be suspected of attempting to illegally enter the country, consequently getting deported. I'm afraid they're gonna suspect me even if I genuinely lost my passport," he expressed his worry. He coughed and then added, "I really wish that when we get to La Paz, my passport is still in the hotel. I hope that at least the cleaner boy has taken it and kept it in the lost and found or that it is still under that bed. I just wish someone, a curious [Explicit], didn't take that out of curiosity. [Explicit] my life!" Gallagher used words that he wouldn't use in front of the children.

The vehicle was continuously shaking. The car broke low hanging branches as it passed under them. The road was visible then, from the windshield. They were near the spot where the jungle trail joined the highway. Sergio saw vehicles moving to and fro from Roboré. He began to slow down. On the jungle trails, he was driving at a speed that would get him a ticket and hefty fine on the highway. 

The jeep bounced onto the highway. With a few spins of the steering wheel, the vehicle went in the direction of Roboré. Roboré was 50 kilometers far from where they were on the road. Sergio drove as quickly as possible, moving in and around the other speeding vehicles on the highway. Sergio increased the speed wherever he knew there were no speeding cameras.

The removable roof of the vehicle was drummed by the cloudburst from the thick clouds in the sky. Christina Seagale stared intently at the radio stack as the song See You Again by Wiz Khalifa was playing on the radio. Christina loved that song. Charlie Puth was her favorite artist, but that song wasn't the song she would play in that car at that time. The song caused a gloomy mood in that car. Christina began feeling heavy.

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