BTS as Autorikshaw rejection

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NamJoon - the polite one

-asks where you have to go
-gets sad when he realises he can’t take you and tells you that a lot of autos are going to come that way
-drives away

Seokjin - the one who never stops

- gives zero fcks
-drives the f away if you even mention the word “silk boa-“
-purposely doesn’t turn his head and make eye contact
- if the journey costs minimum, he’ll call you lazy for not walking and drives away

YoonGi - the ‘I’m asleep so no’

- the one who takes an afternoon nap in the back seat
- Literally no reaction when you ask him if he’ll come
- When he does drive, he takes the long route because why the fck not
- Wonderful local vocabulary

Hoseok - the aggressively cheerful one

- will stare and smile at you as he passes by but doesn’t stop
- When he does, smiles non-stop and might look creepy but just wants to be friendly :(
- You’ll know eo’s darkest secrets by the end of the 10 min journey

Jimin- the no rejection

- literally never says no
- doesn’t mind crossing silk board for minimum too
- It’s okay even if it’s more than three people
- Calm and giggles a lot
-makes sweet conversation
- Plays soft, romantic songs from the radio

Taehyung - the chill no

- Stops ten metres ahead so you have to walk over
- Asks you where you have to go
- Contemplates
- Uses the ‘metre is broken’ excuse to get out of it
- Cheetah print cover on the inside, seats are black and has actual transparent rain covers

Jungkook- disco party reject

-busy checking himself out in the mirror to notice your hand
-only way you’ll get to ask him is if he’s chilling during a break
-Asks for twenty extra ‘cause traffic, negotiates to ten
-Auto is literally a mobile disco club
-Plays tappori songs

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