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song recommendation 👆 because my friends didn't know this song when it played on the radio and I felt lonely when I was screaming it in my friend's back yard while everyone else was ignorant *sigh*


3 months later~

Unblock Manjoon 🐥😍 ?


Cutie Seokjin 💕:
Hey Namjoon?
I know this is crazy, but...please come over?


Seokjin sighed. Namjoon probably wasn't even going to come, especially since he'd ignored him for three whole months after blocking him.

Whilst basking in his sadness on his couch, Seokjin heard the doorbell. He hesitantly moved to open the door, rubbing his burning red eyes with his fists. He opened the door and looked up to see Namjoon, hair standing around crazily, cheeks flushed and lips parted, his chest heaving as he panted heavily.

"N-namjoon, I-" Before the older could say anything more, he was pulled against Namjoon's chest, the younger's long arms wrapping around his shoulders tightly.

The brunette carefully wrapped his arms around Namjoon's torso, feeling a lump build up in his throat as his eyes lined up with tears. They stood like that, in the doorway, for a comfortably silent two minutes, ignoring the world. Upon pulling away, Seokjin motioned for Namjoon to move to his couch. The older then closed the door before seating himself next to Namjoon.

"I-I'm sorry for suddenly asking you to come over," he apologized, eyes locked on his lap.

"It's okay, Jin. What's wrong?" Namjoon asked, looking over at Seokjin's subtle shaking body. Seokjin felt a lump in his throat again, allowing his tears to fall into his lap. He gripped onto the hem of his blue shorts, sobbing as he tried to form words. "Seokjin?"

"He cheated..." the older voiced below his breath, barely above a whisper. Namjoon caught it though, and his heart sunk at the way he could hear Seokjin's heart break. "He-he brought so-some prostitute i-in my h-house and I c-came home early and-and-" The older felt his chest tighten as he let out a loud sob.

"Shh, c'mere." Namjoon pulled Seokjin into another hug, rubbing his back up and down, allowing the older to soak his tee with his warm, salty tears.

"W-what's wrong with me?" Seokjin yelled into Namjoon's chest, body shaking violently as he let out choked sobs.

"Shh. Nothing's wrong with you. You're perfect," Namjoon whispered, hoping to make the boy in his arms feel better, feel human.

"I b-broke up with h-him and kicked him out. I n-never want to see his face again...but I f-fell in love with him," the older cried, balling his hands into tight fists.

Namjoon felt his heart break. Seokjin was broken, and it was clear it wasn't the first time something like this has affected Seokjin. Namjoon wanted to make him feel better, even if it meant he was just okay.

"You really shouldn't worry about him, Jinnie."

Seokjin couldn't help but to sob into the boy's chest, gripping tightly onto his black tee.


Seokjin couldn't find his words. Namjoon rubbed soothing circles on the older's broad back, whispering soft, sweet nothings.

"It's okay, Jinnie. I'm here for you."

And I'll pick up all the pieces of your broken heart.


i was thinking about giving a song recommendation every chapter (which would have nothing to do do with the contents of the chapter but more for the song to get more recognition).

and for those who called out that minho is a big ass bitch ass hoe...i want to hug you for being so smart

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