Chapter 11 My Dead Sister's A Angel

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Chapter 11

My Dead Sister's A Angel

Zack's POV

I was still frozen in place by pure shock. I could see the girl smirking. As she patiently waited for my response.

No no NO! Jackie is dead. This girl is trying to mess with my head. But what if it is her? What if she killed my mom and dad? Should I kill her? So many fucking questions.

"Are you my sister?" I asked through tightly clenched teeth.

The girls hands went to her hood, as she slowly removed it. was her. It was my big step sister Jackie. She still had her heart warming smile. Her fiery red hair blew in the wind. Her tan skin unblemished. Her figure was skinny and fit, yet matured. Her blue eyes that always seem to contain a sadnesses.

"Hey zack." She said in her caring voice. The same voice that used to soothe my worries.

I fell to my knees and dropped my sword. I began to sob uncontrollably. Jackie was at my side hugging me in under a second. I hugged her back and cried into her shoulder.

"I've missed you so much." I sobbed and she stroked my back.

"I know. Because I've felt the same way." She said quietly.

After I had stopped crying we sat on the park bench together.

"Why did you kill our parents?" I asked after a while.

"Because they were harboring the son of Satan. And before you ask, they knew what you were, the second they took you in. I was going to kill you too, In fact I still have too. But I wanted you to know the truth before you die." Jackie said and was silent.

"I have another sister, and she ain't loosing me yet." I shot back.

"Don't fight us Zack. Good always wins." Jackie urged.

I had herd enough of her.

"We'll see. If you attempt to kill or harm me or my sister I will fight back, I'll come at you and everyone you care about, with everything I got. But if you don't, we've got nothing to worry about." I say and she scoffed.

"Was that a threat?" She said aggressively. I still had my blank face on.

"A promise." I replied and walked away. I picked up my sword and sheathed it as I descended back to hell.

Father was waiting for me along with mom, Azazel, Alexia and, Astaroth.

"Well?" Father said impatiently.

"Well what?" I shot back.

"Did you kill him?" He elaborated.

"First off, it was a she not a he. Second, it was my foster sister that I thought died that night. Thirdly, no I didn't kill her. Even though she threatened to kill me." I said in a dead voice.

"Oh." Father said after a while.

"I'm soo sorry." Alexia said after she let what I said sink in.

"I want to be left alone for a few millennia." I said quietly and walked to my room. I used my telepathy to slam and lock my door.

I sat down on my bed and roared out of rage. The sheer force of my demonic roar knocked half my stuff across the room.

I need to blow off some steam. I need to destroy something. I blasted the door off its hinges, but it repaired itself quickly. I teleported/time traveled to a random exorcist base in the Wild West.

I had left my weapons back in my room in hell. Because I had recently learned how to generate and control my own hellfire.

Exorcist came pouring out of the base and drew their pistols. I formed my hand into a claw like thing and my hellfire ignited. Each and every bullet found their mark, but the enchantments were too weak to affect me. And normal bullets can't do jack to a demon of my caliber. The bullets clinked against the ground as my regenerative powers healed me.

I said nothing as i slaughtered them all. with a flick of my wrist, the building blew up.

I could currently feel my rage, rapidly disappearing.

I've always been told, only destruction and death can soothe a demons anger. And I guess it's true. I de ended back to hell, which instantly reset my time to the original. So it was like I had never time traveled at all.

"You better now?" Alexia asked in a amused tone. I simply nodded In response.

"Good, because your father wants to see you." Mom said and I nodded my consent.

We walked into my dads throne room.

"Feeling better?" Father asked and I nodded.

"You wanted to see me?" I asked in a monotone voice.

"Yeah. Did you threatened Michael and Gabriel's daughter?" Father asked and I was silent. "That would be a yes." Father observed in a amused tone.

I began to walk to the exit but father put a hand on my shoulder. I shrugged it off.

"Not into touching, that's cool too." He said and I turned to face him. "Look, I'm not going to lecture you. You wanna single handily start holy war two, that's cool. I'll back you up all the way. Plus I don't know the whole story. So here what gonna happen. I'm going to leave all this responsibility up to you, and like I said I'll back you up. Now I have to go watch a entire epic Disney collection, and whatever happens, happens. Just don't regret you decision." Father said, then he patted my shoulder and left.

I figured I should consult Azazel. Considering, Astaroth's answer to most things is-"I'll kill them all!" Where as Azazel gives his answers a bit more thought.

I walked to his room and knocked once and he opened it quickly.

"Zack! Please, come in." He said and I walked in and sat on a chair. "So what's on your mind?" He asked and I sighed.

"I threatened two major archangel's daughter." I said and Azazel laughed.

"That's Awesome!" He said enthusiastically.

"After she said she was going to kill me." I added and Azazel frowned.

"Huh, that's not so awesome." Azazel commented. "So I'm confused, what's the problem?" Azazel added.

"Fluffy wings daughter, was my big foster sister. That raised me way back when I was 9. So my question to you is, should I fight her out of revenge?" I ask and Azazel went quiet.

"Look. You have to understand demons are violent being by nature. We were made to kill and destroy. I agree, flagging lucifer as the embodiment of all evil is more than a bit questionable. But the only reason you have doubt about killing her. Is because you still have that memory of her. Everything, even your very soul is screaming, kill her for speaking down to you. It's that one memory that contains the hope." Azazel explained.

"But what if she doesn't want to kill me?" I asked and Azazel sighed.

"She might not want to, the major problem with Angels is, they always follow their orders. That's why I say, she will kill you if she gets the chance. If you want I can erase all memories of you foster sister." Azazel offered and I nodded my consent.

She needed to die for her crimes, and if these memories keep popping up, I will lose. Not to mention, I don't want to live in fear of Jackie.

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