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Namjoon Hyung:
uhh, sorry for bothering but can I please talk to you?

hey, hyung
what's wrong?
is this about jin?

Namjoon Hyung:
I'm pretty sure he told you already, but I like him.

he said you were lying
or more that he didn't believe you.
I believe you, hyung. I only believe you because I saw how you treated seokjin when he went through his mini ordeal. the way you constantly tried to take care of him. I know what you feel for him is genuine.
I think his mind is just cloudy because he feels like another fling of yours, as he put it.
even gukkie told me you sleep around a lot and you haven't had a partner since high school
it's only normal for him to feel used...

Namjoon Hyung:
What do I do?

I know this sounds legitimately stupid
but you're going to have to wait for him

Namjoon Hyung:
wait for how long?

it could be forever, hyung
but if what you feel for him is truly genuine, I know you'll wait for him

Namjoon Hyung:
if it means I can have him in the end, I'll wait for as long as it takes

you're really the one

Namjoon Hyung:
the one?

but anyways. guk is looking for attention
bye hyung

Namjoon Hyung:
bye taehyung
and thank you

you're welcome 🙂

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song recommendation because I'm in my goddamn feels:

unravel dubstep remix by dj-Jo feat. hatsune miku

best fucking song ever I'm sjagzgajjshdbjs

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