Lisa, however had picked up on something else. 

'Did you know this? Did you know that it was all a trap?'

Adam looked at the ground, defeated. 'Yes, I did, but then I got to know you and I realised what a wonderful person you were and how much I liked you and how much that I-'

'Adam, shut up!' Lisa growled. 

She wasn't sure what was the worst part, that he had been betraying her from the start or that she wasn't even really that shocked anymore to find out that someone had betrayed her again.

'I trusted you. We were friends, well, at least I thought we were. I'm not surprised that Hire an Incubus did what they did but knowing you were in on it? Now, that is surprising.'

'Lisa, please, that was real, the friendship was real. I got to know you and you're an amazing person and yeah, originally, it was planned but then we got closer and I realised how wonderful you are and that...' He trailed off and then looked her directly in the eyes. 'That I loved you.'

Achilles, who had snapped out of whatever funk he was in stepped forward.

'Keep that word out of your damned mouth.'

'You loved me?' Lisa laughed. 'Then why didn't you tell me that Debbie was going to kill me?'

'I didn't know!' Adam was pleading with her now. 'Please Lisa, don't tell me you think I could have known. Of course I would have told you. All I was told was that Debbie died trying to protect you from him.' He pointed at Achilles. 'Then I was told he'd killed you and I felt so terrible and awful, that I had failed you, that there was something I should have done to protect you, but I hadn't. So I quit.'

'I....didn't know that.' Lisa trailed off.

'How do we know you're not lying?' Achilles piped up, standing protectively in front of Lisa.

'What would I possibly have to gain by spilling company secrets to you, Achilles? Everyone in Hire an Incubus is scared of you, whether they'll admit it or not. I know you could easily beat me in a fight so I'm obviously not trying to kill you and as I said, I care about Lisa, so why would I want to hurt her?'

'You've already hurt her.' Achilles growled. 'Now fuck off.'

'I want to help you. I want to make it up to her. Are you guys going to find the child?'

'Now, why would we tell you that Adam?' Achilles spat. 

'I want to help you.'

'The only way you can help us is by leaving us alone.' Achilles growled.

'Lisa, I..' Adam tuned his attention towards her.

'I don't know what it is that you're not getting.' Achilles said, taking a step towards Adam. 'Leave.Us.Alone.'

'Please. I can get in and out of Hercules if that's what you're doing. They know me and I know they would trust me if I came forward to them. I can get you in there without you both getting yourself killed.'

Alison, who had been quiet up to this point, pitched in. 'That's not a terrible idea actually. I mean, that is what you guys are intending on doing right?'

'Stop, I can't think straight.' Lisa turned away from them all for a second. She really didn't have any idea what to do. She wanted to trust Adam, to believe him but she had no way of knowing whether he would just cross her and there didn't seem like there was much she could do to prove it. 

'Lisa, I'm with you, whatever you want to do, I trust your judgement. I don't trust him, but I do trust you.'

'I thought you couldn't trust me.' Lisa laughed softly. 'I don't know what to do Achilles.' 

'I swear that I won't hurt you Lisa. I swear that I want to help. I swear it to God.' 

'What did you just say?' Achilles turned around to face Adam. 'You better mean those words.'

'What?' Lisa said. She didn't get the big idea. He'd just said something very commonly said.

'That's the most serious swear a demon can make to you.' Achilles said. 'He's being serious if he's swearing on the G word.' 

'Lisa, please. I know I messed up, but I truly do want to atone for what I've done.'

Achilles turned back to Lisa. 'I do think he's being genuine Lisa, I do, and you know how serious I am about this stuff.'

'Fine then.' Lisa said, looking Adam sternly in the face. 'But if you make the slightest indication that you're going to harm me or any of the people I love, then you won't have to worry anymore about atoning for anything, got it?'


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