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'Adam? What the hell are you doing here?' 

'Lisa, come on! We have to get out of here!' Alison yelled from the car. 

'Lisa, I'm not going to hurt you, please, wait!'

'You.' Achilles growled through his teeth.

Lisa froze. She looked towards Alison, who was still yelling from the car. Then she looked towards Achilles, who's face was contorted in anger at Adam, who just looked tired. 

'I...I need to go.' Lisa said softly, still looking at Adam. So why hadn't she moved. She still hadn't moved when Adam started walking over to her. 

'She's not going to move! Grab her Achilles!' Alison called out. 

'Lisa, come on' Achilles tried to grab her arm. 

'Wait.' She said, taking his hand off of her. 'Adam, why are you here? Did you follow us? Are you going to kill us?'

Adam looked genuinely shocked at what she said. 'What? Of course I didn't follow you. I don't even know where you were coming from. Of course I'm not going to kill you. I'm just surprised to see you're alive.' 

'I don't believe you. If you are working with Hire an Incubus, you would know I'm very much alive.'

Lisa wanted to believe him,she really did.

'Lisa, I quit months ago. After Debbie died. After your boyfriend killed her.' He looked pointedly at Achilles. 'I was told that he had done the same to you.' 

'Yeah, and do you know why I killed her?' Achilles interjected.

'Yes, I do actually.' Adam answered. 'Before I quit I did some research, but I can't talk about that here. I know things, about you, about the child.'

'How do I know that you're not lying, that you won't just lead us into an ambush?' 

'Lisa, I wouldn't do that to you.'

'You wouldn't? Do you know how many times I've heard that? I was promised safety from Debbie and  from Damian and guess what? They tried to kill me and the people I love. Do you know what happened to them?'

'Lisa, pl-'

'They're dead.' Lisa stared him in the face. 'So Adam, if you truly value me as a friend, you will tell me this information, here and now, regardless of whether it puts you in danger. Otherwise, I will not hesitate to have my incredibly powerful boyfriend here, bring you down.'

'Lisa, I don't know that I'm not being watched, or followed.'

Once upon a time, Lisa would have felt sorry for him and possibly believed him, but she just didn't know anymore. She looked into his eyes. He was looking pleadingly at her, but she just wasn't willing to take that chance.

'Well neither do we. Goodbye Adam.' Lisa turned away from him and started to get into the car.

'It wasn't a mistake Lisa. When this all started.'

Lisa stopped. 'What?'

'It wasn't an administrative error that sent Achilles your information. It was planned. You were bait. Damian wanted to bring Achilles in so Alma Stack could hold him and wait until his daughter was old enough to kill him because she believes that the only thing strong enough to completely kill a half human incubus is another half human incubus.'

Achilles, who had been looking on fiercely for the last few minutes, suddenly spoke. 

'My daughter?' 

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